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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Total Eclipse

I am not writing to you in relation to a Solar Eclipse where the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, resulting in the Sun becoming wholly or partially obscured. Nor am I writing to tell you the sequence in how I eat my Jaffa Cakes, revealing a Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse.

Instead, I bring the many delights of Eclipse Spa in Pembrokeshire. An extensive list of beauty treatments are on offer, from Body Exfoliation to a Detox Foot Spa, Hot Stone Massage to Pembrokeshire Indoor Sunshine. All served with a welcoming, friendly smile and performed in a professional manner. Perrrfect.

Now then. I know it's slightly premature to mention that jolly festive season that comes knocking at our doors only once a year and has our streets decorated with bright lights and beaming colours. You know, the one where you try to steal a sneaky kiss under the mistletoe and fill your belly with delicious homemade mincepies? Well, I love it how everybody tries to convince themselves that they don't start shopping for pressies or even thinking the word CHRISTMAS until at least November, but we all do. Don't we?!

So, what better present can you think of than to surprise your beautiful older sister or reliable, hard-working mum, than a Gift Voucher to pop along and visit Eclipse Spa in Pembrokeshire?!

Our Experience Day Gift Vouchers are an ideal Gift for any occasion, whether it be CHRISTMAS, a special birthday or simply a good will gesture for a close friend. For more information and many more Experience Days to choose from, click here.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Autumn is in the Air.....Soon!

Waking up to the sun shining, air brisk and not a cloud in the clear blue sky. It's Autumn (well nearly), and I am already loving the fresh feeling that my favourite season brings.

Autumn officially starts on September 22nd, but I woke up this morning, opened my curtains and the sun beamed through my window. I was immediatly convinced that Autumn had arrived. An excuse in my opinion, to tell everyone how awesome Autumn really is.

I think that Autumn bursts individuality, the riot of colours that appear, its a gold rush for Snow Whites Seven Dwarfs. I bet even Grumpy cracks a smile or two when he is witness to the beaming shades!

Well last night, for the first time in around 3 weeks, myself and partner saw the sun shimmering, water as flat as a pancake, and decided to kit ourselves out in our penguin gear, and do a spot of Wakeboarding along the Cleddau Estuary. You could say, that as I confidently leaped into the rather chilly waters, I would have been grateful to have actually been a penguin for that split second!

I couldn't be more certain of my harmony with Autumn after last night though guys. As my desire for Autumn and it's fruitful nature appeared powerfully through my cheeks, fingers and toes. I became a fiery glow of purples, deep reds and oranges, as the icy waters seeped through my wetsuit, and reminded me of how things become, much cooler when Autumn knocks at the door!

However, I do have a method to madness and a reason for sharing my experience with you all. Lets not worry that our Summer time warmth has passed. Instead be active, positive and fearless.

Even when the brisk mornings nudge you to put an extra layer on, or prompt you to turn the heating up, that shouldn't stop you from getting out there and doing what ever you want to do. Whether that be Surfing in St Davids, Kayaking in Pendine or Kite surfing in Newgale; blow yourself away this Autumn and by Spring next year, you'll be diving into a Welsh Indian Ocean!