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Thursday, 16 July 2009

I am a pizza...

Margarita of course. Being a veggie I can seem to stretch as far as say maybe onions and fresh tomatoes as a few added extras, but say NO to yukky peppers, olives and mushrooms. Urggh.

I am feeling as though I need a little adventure or 'challenge' for the like of a better word. After having trained and completed the Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk back in May, (the whole 26 miles I would just like to pop in brackets), I feel as though I am now recovered and ready to grab something else right by the horns! Any ideas?! I mean seriously, I guess I do entertain myself to a fair degree with the horse riding, wakeboarding and general dog walking day to day, but I do just fancy that little bit of something else you know? I'm not a great runner, but I can run - if you know what I mean. Better at the long distance, you know 'full hog' rather than the sprinting, wham bam thank you mam type event. Enjoy walking, can ride horses and pretty damn keen on your water sports and have done a spot (just a spot) of snowboarding before now too. Pretty adaptable I like to think. I shall lie in wait of your exciting propositions!

So it is the weekend again then. Where are these weeks flying to? I used to love that feeling of the last day at school, six weeks of pure summer fun for all. Enjoy guys!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Chomping through July...

Just where does the time fly? It is my 21st birthday soon. Please feel free to bombard me with messages of congrats and happy, happy birthday's on Thursday 30th July!
It is amazing when you have a mooch around a few quotations, you know for a little bit of inspiration and topical find for the bloggers among us, how much they are neatly put 'together' expressing an individual persons opinion. Something so simple within a sentence can be loaded with that persons thought about that 'subject'. Does that make any sense?! I know what I am trying to say, yet it does often appear to not always come out they way I am wanting it to. Anyway, that is the topic. Discuss!
So as I am sure you can imagine, things here with Activity Wales at the moment are about all you adventure peeps booking up your summer activities. I do not blame you at all. There is just so much out there to choose from, whether it is something that you do every year...say like Surfing to whether it is a completely new experience that you want to grab by the horns and give it all you've got. Sky diving or Coasteering perhaps? Coasteering is a blast fair play - everything you weren't supposed to do as a little kiddie winkle. How can that not be fun?! Um, I'm thinking aloud now of what else that I can tempt you disguised activity lunitics with. I could just list them all for you really. That way I can also drop in a few links to the relevant pages on the website couldn't I?! Gorge Walking, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Caving, JCB Driving, White Water Rafting, Circus Skills, Horse riding and say Tank driving? See, I've earnt my pennies for the day in one short sentence! Have a good day guys, keep those summer smiles beaming!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rain rain go away. Come back another day...

Just when the boat is fixed the heavens open. Oh, I didn't tell you about that did I. Well here's a story...

Father's Day beckons and I had failed to find anything that I wanted to buy my Dad. That is apart from one of those hilarious cards that seem funny at the time of buying, but never seem as funny as they once had appeared when the person actually opens it. So hail a day full of 'Oh what to do'.

A bright light sparks and it is then and there arranged to head out onto the Estuary taking my Dad and Mart's Dad (along with the Mother's of course) for a spot of lunch down to Lawrenny Arms. Don't be so silly. How can something so incredibly simple turn into a pure disaster?

So there we are all smiles and glee, bobbing along the channel choking on a horrific cloud of black smoke appearing from the engine. Fair play though the oil seeping into the water presented us with a marvellous display of all the colours of the rainbow. Hmm, that's not meant to happen.

Turns out the turbo was burning the oil instead of using it?! I say that line with a little caution as it actually means nothing to me and so I am not 100% whether it is complete rubbish or not. But whatever the diagnosis our lunch date was cut short and we had to drive around instead.

So that is what I mean by my opening line. Typical!

I can't believe Jacko is dead. It is the first ever time that I have heard Chris Moyles speaking with such sincerity in his voice and genuine emotion on his Radion One breakfast show. Well done Moylesy you did well that morning. That is all my comment really. I can't think of much else to say without stating the obvious that every person in this world already knows...

He is and always will be THE King of Pop.