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Monday, 22 June 2009

Russell Crowe Actually Eats!

Well you will never guess. The man himself Mr Russell Crowe descended on The Carew Inn last night whilst he is down in our beautiful Pembrokeshire filming the new Robyn Hood epic! After the initial OH MY GOD, I got to's not really that unusual for him to be eating and drinking on his day off really is it? Well that's all I seem to do anyway - only difference being I wouldn't be seen footing a bill for £450 (that is only if I wasn't paying mind!)...

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Oh yes they were absolutely amazing, simple as. I tell you something though, that Liam is one man gone bonkers - he is so eccentric it is actually quite hard to believe. For most of the evening he stood dressed in his long, green anorak (I know you would never have thought he was a millionaire or anything) balancing a tambourine on his head and nose. He looked like something out of the Saw movie. And bless old Noel in the background, he seems to be so humble compared to loopy fruit Liam in the front. It is quite funny actually because when Liam sings, Noel is his backing singer and plays the guitar, but then when all attention turns to Noel to bang out a tune poor old Liam has nothing to do. So, off he trots casually walking off the stage disappearing for half an hour leaving Noel to hold the fort. Classic. Noel singing Don't look back in Anger though was something that I will truly never forget - he had a tear in his eye too, very genuine.
And then came the Circus act that was Take That. They really did deliver one superb performance that was highly impressive.
I mean I do like the old stripped stage myself, you know singer/band standing on stage singing live - throwing a few naughty words around the place occasionally, actually playing an instrument with heartfelt emotion, that kind of thing. But I just can't say that I didn't enjoy Take That and their amazing set and show - it was fantastic.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Morning, morning and welcome another joyous day. I am very excited. I feel as though I am bubbling up inside and ready to burst like a tin of baked beans in a microwave! Oh, I tell you what I did do once (under the influence of my immature partner) - opened a tin of baked beans, stuck a firework inside and wham, bam thank you mam...baked beans all over my little red Metro's windscreen! Fantastic filming moment...

So yes, going back to the fact that I am very excited. I am only going to see the attitude in trousers otherwise known as the ace, the awesome OASIS tomorrow! Not only do we get those scruffy dudes on a stage nearby, they are throwing both The Enemy and Kasabian into the about rocking the Millennium Stadium, the place will be buzzing! I am trying my best to contain my excitement and not think about it, but why does that always make it worse? The more you don't want to think about it the more you do. And the rock show doesn't end there ladies and gentleman, as next Wednesday the Stadium also presents Barlow and Co touring with their Circus. No wonder I am bouncing around the place.

'Natalie, your not getting paid this month,' Natalie replies: 'Haha, never mind not to worry...I'm still smiling like a Cheshire cat!'

That's all I wanted to tell you really, oh and that I got back in the saddle last night after around 2 years of walking on just the two legs for a change. It really is surprising though how much you still remember about Horse Riding, it's just like riding a bike and being an elephant, or an elephant riding a bike - never forget. I did enjoy myself and wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, so I think I am going to be riding a little grey pony called Whizzard for a little while, you know just whilst I'm still young and all that. Why not...

I have come a cropper off the Wake board twice in the last 2 weeks now too, think I was getting a little bit too clever and head planted the water pretty sharp on both occasions. I have woken up with a sore head and neck for a few days now - but I'll never learn. To be honest, I don't think I'll be able to stand up straight if we headed out tonight, my legs will be shaking too much with all the excitement waiting to burst, so might just go for a beverage instead. Oh the decisions...