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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Big Well Done Black Mountain Activities...Read On

We love it when our clients enjoy their activities, it makes us feel so proud of the job we are doing and even happier that people have a riot and fantastic memories to treasure from their experience too. I am delighted to have recently received the following fantastic comments from two ladies that recently visited Black Mountain Activities in the Brecon Beacons and wanted to share them with the world wide web:

''Hi Guys, Becca and myself were with you this weekend. Canyoning and Climbing. We had an absolutely fantastic time. The areas we visited were beautiful but most of all your guides Bonny and Dewie, both were very knowledgeable and a total credit to the company. So thank you. I was just wondering - photo's mmmmm now I know some of these are going to be rather 'awful' but Becca and I would love to have them. Would it be possible to forward to the above email address shortly so we have some fab memories. Again guys - we had a great time, we have told the hotel about you, and upon our next trip to Wales will definitely be giving you a call. Thank you''. Vikki and Becca

Black Mountain Activities offer such a wide range of activities to suit all ages, abilities and budgets. If you would like to have a chat and discuss your activity options, availability and pricing then please give us a call on 01437 766 888 and we would be more than happy to help...

Friday, 6 March 2009

Marvellous Mother and Giant Easter Bunnies...

Oh my golly gosh have you heard that The Michael (slightly weird) Jackson is back in town?! ''Hee-Hee, Ooo! Go on girl, Aaow, Hee! Hey pretty baby with the high heels on...'' Come on you know the words! Jacko here I come...

I think it is about time that some clever toffee nose invented a 'Darling Daughter Day' where by the many around shower her with gifts of Frankincense and Mere. Either that or Jordan's, (oops sorry that is meant to be the innocent Katie Price) latest fragrance, 'I'm Terrific' with an overpowering scent of more money. I know let me pull my claws in, I'm only jealous.

I suppose us daughter's shouldn't complain, last night being a prime example. My dinner of fat free Super Noodles (Sweet Thai Chili) just didn't make my mouth water so much so that I dribbled a little or filled the dark empty hole I like to call a stomach, and so the food police start ringing. At the moment I am loving the odd Fajita, packed with crispy, fresh salad, grated cheese and hot, spicy salsa and so being in the dilemma I was in yesterday this would be the perfect fix.
'Yes Natalie' mum replied.
'Have we yummy food at home to make Fajitas?'
'Hmm, no I don't think so. Why?
'Well I quite fancy them for tea tonight.' (I hinted).
'Oh do you now?! I'll pop to Tesco and pick up some things up then shall I?'
'Well, only if you don't mind...'

What a darl hey?! And that is the reason (not the only one mind) why my mum deserves a day off from ironing my work shirts, washing my socks, polishing my room, hoovering my carpets, cooking my tea, picking me up from the pub...

Fear not friends I am ONLY JOKING! I 'll give mum at least 2 days rest...
I bet some of you reading this have not really a clue of when Mothering Sunday is have you? What a disgrace. We all know it is Saturday 21st March, pull yourself together people and get organized! You can even let us help you.

Click HELP! for all our marvellous Mother's Day Gift ideas from seeing your mummy play soldier for the day Tank Driving or to take a leap with a Tandem Sky Dive. Come on, let us make her smile (or tremble in her boots!)...
Moving on...I have always wondered why as it approaches Easter I always seem to dream of bunnies. Apparently, as I divulge into my fountain of knowledge, it can be down to a number of different is just the one. I have chosen all the positive explanations so I don't look stupid. But if you do have a problem seek medical advice, Rabbits can be scary little furries!:

''Rabbits are known for their speed and agility. They are quick thinkers who allow intuition to guide their feet as to the best route possible to escape danger.''
Anyway, 'Happy Easter All' avoid the bunnies and enjoy your mountains of chocolate eggs and get fat!