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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Just a little Hello really...

Feels like I haven't been in touch for a little while now, in truth the Easter break bookings had my undivided attention and so I'm afraid that you lot got shifted to the back seat. I do like being a busy little bee though, it makes you feel like you have achieved something with your day you know, served a purpose type of thing.

Gosh I am sleeping lately though, I think it may have something to do with my intense training for the Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk in May. Every Saturday and Sunday, no time for a lie in as I jump with joy out of my warm, cosy bed at 7 on the dot...wash, change, breakfast out of the door with my pooch by half past! I am up to walking around 18 miles twice a week at the moment with the odd 6 thrown in during the middle of the week, though I am thinking that I need to start increasing that slightly now by an extra few miles. I am walking 26 miles on Sunday 17th May and so I don't think I am doing to badly really, though I am getting a little bit worried about mum though. My mum is the reason I am doing it in a way, thought I would keep her company whilst out walking and things you know, however she is having a little trouble with her back recently which is preventing her from training. Hopefully all should be better by the weekend perhaps, so next week we can get cracking. I do highly recommend walking as a cheap, enjoyable and strangely relaxing activity, that to me would beat slogging in the gym any day!

Well what terrific weather shone on the UK over Easter, wasn't it glorious?! My freckles burst with energy as the rays beamed down and finally I have collected a little colour on my cheeks! First time for us in the water this year too over the weekend just passed. The trouble is though, because the boat goes into hibernation out of the way of the winter chill, you try to jam pack as much Wake boarding into the summer months as you can to get you looking as though you know what you are doing. But by the time you trudge through the winter and the spring knocks on the door again you have forgotten how to stand up! Ok, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much!

To me personally, I think that getting on your cossie and plunging into the depths is a fantastic feeling, I do appreciate that wonderful water doesn't appeal to everyone though, but for those that are keen on getting to grips with water sports, I pledge that you should really get your adrenalin juices flowing this season. Coasteering has got to be on the top of your list, action packed and suitable for all ages and abilities, exploring the crooks and crannies of the limestone cliffs and taking the leap into the blue waters below. Kite surfing is another top class sport combining the thrill of the wash and determined control of the kite, this is a popular sport gradually sweeping our beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

I really do hope that this marvellous weather continues well into the summer, I was informed actually by Gemma who works with Activity Wales in our South County office in Tenby, that if the birds nests are high in the branches then we are heading for some rather warm weather - so I find myself now studying each tree to see whats occurring! Not so good if the cows are lying down though...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pembrokeshire's Getting Fishy...

Calling all fish heads to Pembrokeshire between June 27th and July 5th as roll in the waves for the fishing frolic sweeping our County for lots of fishing fun as part of Pembrokeshire Fish Week! Celebrating their 10th birthday this year we are assured that this bonanza will be as much, if not more of a success than the previous year where by 20,000 fish-lovers were attracted in 2008. It is by far the plaice (see what I did there!) to be this summer...!
Pembrokeshire Fish Week aims to get your tackle in a twist and worship our truly terrific beaches, bright blue seas, superb seafood and appreciate our stunning, unspoilt coastline all combined in one big fat brimming package. The week will be bundled with a load of fishy fun and games for all the food loving family, from gourmet seafood evenings to fresh mackerel will not want to miss this tempting catch!

Activity Wales have joined forces this year with TYF Adventure to offer one marvellously marine Eco Fishing Adventure where you will be under the superb guidance of your TYF qualified instructor to learn the necessary skills to Kayak and Fish all in one structured afternoon session. All your needed equipment will be provided, though please don't forget to pack your speedo's, towel and one big healthy appetite to polish off your fresh barbecued catch at the end of your delightful day.

For further information in regards to our Fish Week - Eco-Fishing Adventure then please click here or speak to a human with a large orange fish head on 01437 765 777...