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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snowing in Switzerland...

Unfortunately no, I am not tucked away in the snowy mountains wearing nothing but my goggles, thermals and my bright blue woolly hat...but I know some lucky b..person who is. Oli 'Everest' Tuggey who is a pirate with Big Blue Kite surfing, is taking a break from the wild waters of Newgale to instruct a number of dare devils Snow Kiting on the snowy white pistes of Switzerland.

I headed off to Andorra last February but were a tad unfortunate with the snow fall, by the end of our stay the majority of the snow had turned to nasty icy ice. Typically, pretty much as soon as we left you can imagine what happened. Nothing but consistent snow fall covering the mountains in one big cuddly blanket of snow. From reading the 'Big Blue Experience Blog' it seems that the drifts on the side of the road with them are reaching clumps of 15ft, so I think that is kind of satisfactory don't you think?

Aside from enjoying the snow during the winter, Oli and the big Blue Team are busy bees teaching a number of people to Kite Surf, Kite Board, Wake Board, Paddle Board, Power Kite and charge along the shores on a bright yellow Zap Cat. Fancy your chances?!

As I mentioned the Wake Board in the middle of that sentence, I suddenly turned my thoughts to when Mart and I are going to get our boat out of the shed, give it a sprinkle of clean, shiny stuff and hit the Cleddau waters. I cannot wait, it is officially the season...soon! How so very exciting, early morning boarding, late night boarding, all day boarding, it is such a blast. Actually, I set you all a challenge there...get your wetsuit out of the cupboard, dust off the cob webs and let's get boarding! You seriously will regret nothing...

So back to the Everest, I sure you all are anyway, but keep enjoying your time in Switzerland and we shall welcome you back with typical Pembrokeshire weather of grey skies, heavy raindrops but bright blue seas and plentiful jellyfish...See you in April!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Big Hearts and Massive Kisses

After having scrambled through the long winded month we like to call January, full of empty pockets, dark mornings and the thought of having to wait ages for the next Christmas get together with friends and family, the thought of February makes me smile.

Nope, it's not my birthday, my wedding, neither am I having a baby or packing my bags to go to a warm, sunny country on holiday. It is a lot more simple than that guys, I love the loving feeling of Valentine's Day and the 'full' feeling after eating a mountain of pancakes sprinkled in lemon juice, raisins and sugar. I know that has probably sparked a thought in your head to when Pancake Day is upon this year, Shrove Tuesday. Only joking, Tuesday 24th February 2009.

Just to mention quickly, I haven't done a step of training to gear me up for my marathon walk as yet, as far as I can walk is from the car to the chippie. Large chips, buttered roll and a cheese and onion pasty. I have bought a brand new pair of walking trainers though, they just haven't yet made it out of the box! They look so clean...

Anyway, what are you and your loved one doing this Valentine's? Same old 'traditional' evening meal on the menu? Actually, in thinking about this I can imagine that the whole of Wales will be glued to their TV screens next Saturday won't they? I for one will be with Martin sat right next to me, beer in hand! It's Wales beating England in the Six Nations silly. I don't know you just can't help some people can you!

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi, Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri...

Okay, so maybe a lot of us aren't reverting to the old tradition of a meal and few drinks and opting for an afternoon of rugby instead, but if you are up for exciting ideas of how to spend your 'special' day or weekend, then look no further. As a free booking agent for a number of activities, attractions and accommodation throughout Wales I have so many inspirational ideas to give you!

  • Tackle the racing rapids with a chilly session of White Water Rafting

  • Plunge from the clouds like a bird and show your partner how your bones are made of steel with an exhilarating Sky Dive

  • Experience the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast together with only your Pleasure Flight pilot to catch you smooching or

  • Tackle the rough countryside terrain, riding the bumps in the saddle of your Quad bike.

Those are simply the four activities that I could think of catchy descriptions for this afternoon. But as you can imagine we have so much more to tempt you! From Horse Riding to Kite Surfing, Paint balling to Tank Driving we have everything you could think of in between,. So give us a call and let our Activity Wales Team do all the hard work for you and make your 2009 Valentine's something to remember into 2010 and beyond!