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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Battlefield LIVE! No not Jordin Sparks...

It isn't a terrific day in Pembrokeshire today, raining and pouring like crazy. A little grey and glum.

I was lying there this morning waiting for my 'House of Pain' alarm to go off in a strange little daze listening to the patter of the raindrops against the velux windows. I felt as though I wasn't awake and away dreaming, but then as if I was awake. Does that makes any sense? It was a weird sensation that doesn't happen a lot, but when it does it makes me wonder. I am like away in the land of fairies in my mind but in the present day in body. Wow, I seem to be getting a little metaphoric. Nothing wrong with being a little arty farty I suppose.

So here I am again babbling about absolutely nothing and yes, I can only apologise. In thinking, my writing to you lately has been a little scarce, so I think I should make an effort to apologise quickly for that at the same time too. Sorry.

It's Halloween soon. I best get the sweets in for the treaters. Actually, I best not got them this soon as I will only end up eating them all. Haha, I went to Tesco the other day and have started picking up the odd bits and bobs for the kids stockings, some of which being tubes of Fruit Pastilles and Jelly Tots. I had to drop them round to Mum's on the way home to keep them safe for me as I simply have NO faith in my will power whatsoever. Honestly, I could demolish a packet of Haribo in the first half of Eastenders easy. It's a bit of a terrible habit actually. Though I always make sure I give my teeth a good brush afterwards.
So back on to my reason for typing. If you have visited Pembrokeshire before, have you come across Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire?

Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire has recently won the Pembrokeshire Tourism's 2009 award for 'Exciting New Business/Owner sponsored by Positive IT. How wicked is that?! So what is it...

Battlefield LIVE is not paintball. It doesn't hurt by using the latest infra-red shooting technology!

You will be over the moon to hear that there is no pain or bruising, making it ideal for the ladies of the gang or the moose dressed as a 'man' to have some fun in the Pembrokeshire countryside.

Battlefield Combat games are perfect to help celebrate those ultimate party days, whether for a birthday, stag, hen, club/society or corporate team building days.

Prior booking here is essential and through Activity Wales we can arrange all of your booking in advance. If you appear to have a smaller group interested then no worries, we can get you joined in with other gamers too.

For further information, session times and prices then feel free to give us a shout on 01437 766 888. Ta ta for now!