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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas has been and gone again!

Just when we all get geared up for the jolly festive season, wrapping our gifts for the family, stocking up on plenty of beer and choccies, Christmas has been and gone again by the time we can say Santa Claus. All that remains is a pot belly, a hole in our pockets and empty chocolate wrappers!

I can sort of understand why people like to start Christmas back in October, it gives the sparkling season that extra little bit of shelf life doesn't it? But then on the other hand, if you keep all your Christmas fever bottled up inside until around 2 weeks before Christmas, you will be bursting into Christmas tunes such as 'I wish it could be Christmas Everyday' dancing around in circles, whilst everyone else is sat with their head in their hands because their Christmas presents are wrapped, wine is chilling and the Turkey is stuffed and in the oven!

I do hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas however you chose to celebrate, mine has always been a family affair and I couldn't imagine it any other way. I couldn't believe it on Christmas Eve mind, we had a take out from the Indian in town and they were fully booked for Christmas dinner. Now call me old fashioned but an Indian spread on Christmas Day?! Shame it was full I could have booked for 11! Only to save my poor mum cooking and dad from peeling the sprouts though.

This year was rather sad for me really, mum had to break a little news to me in that this was the last year I was to gratefully receive a stocking. Being 21 in July 2009 meant that I am soon going to become an adult. Wake up and smell the coffee...

I suppose that Christmas is for the children really isn't it? Of course I know that, I just can't imagine not being one anymore! Seriously though, seeing my little nephews and niece opening their mountains of presents on Christmas afternoon was lovely, children simply make Christmas, it is a time of great joy and anticipation for children of all ages I believe.

But here we are, on New Years Eve ready and waiting to welcome a brand new year. I wonder what this year will bring for us all? I know something for certain, come Easter our phones will be ringing with people wanting to redeem their Christmas Gift Vouchers! I say Easter, but it could be much before that as many activities do run all year round. There is always some silly sausage wanting to go White Water Rafting or Kite surfing during the colder months, and with Activity Wales we are happy to accommodate those crazy people!

If you have been bought a Gift Voucher for Christmas and are unsure of any details or how to activate your Voucher, then please do contact any member of our Activity Wales team and we will be happy to help. You can reach us on 01437 766 888.

I am going to spend the majority of today trying to decide where to head for tonight, I know I am boring and am so NOT organised, but I like to think of myself to be the more spontaneous type!
Anyway, whatever you wild fires are up to tonight, do enjoy, be careful and look forward to a cosy lie in tomorrow morning! See you in 2009...

Happy New Year!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

2 Days After the Night Before...

Here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed working on Saturday 20th December, the weekend before Christmas after having one fantastic night sleep. Quite frankly I really couldn't be feeling much better, which is a large step up from the feeling around the office yesterday.

Including myself, the majority of the peeps were just a little tired rather than spaced out and blurry eyed, having consumed a large quantity of alcohol. Well, actually there was an exception to that rule wasn't there Flaming Hot Monster Munch? Or should I say, Amy (as in Winehouse)? Now if you are keen reader's of this Activity Wales blog then you will completely, 100% understand the reference to 'Flaming Hot Monster Munch'. If you haven't got a clue, then you really do need to start reading this blog a lot more!

I really do have to say how lovely everyone looked at our staff Christmas party on Thursday, again if you didn't even know that we were having a Christmas party READ more often other wise I'll begin to think that I am typing to myself all the time! Seriously though, everyone really did make an effort and I just wish that they all continue to do so during day to day work life, we are such a handsome bunch of people!

Sorry company poacher's we belong to the 'Chief' of Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire and Activity Wales and are not up for auction.

I know the question that you are all craving to ask, 'Did my heels hold up?' Well I am extremely proud to reveal that my dancing shoes were on until around midnight, approximately 3 hours of dancing. Pretty impressive hey? I was down and grooving and I certainly was not the only one. Our team, for the majority of the dancing evening spread across half of the dance floor shaking our hips, throwing our hair and kicking our legs. If you think our unique moves sound awkward and challenging, just try and master them, it is not for everyone!

I am only joking about the wayward moves really, if I am being truthful I have to confess that we all (including the handful of guys), for a number of weeks now have been rehearsing the Macarena, Thriller and The Casper Slide! I tell you what mind, shaking my booty for hours on end definitely put my fitness levels into perspective, I have none! How unfit am I? You know the phrase, 'Sweating like a Pig?' Hmm...

Food was gorgeous and there was plenty of it for all, washed down with bottles of Red and White wine which set us up for anything. Well, you kind of already know that after reading about the dance moves that were displayed!

It is lovely to mingle with your work crowd and have a laugh and a joke with them, it is just a shame that you realise what you let slip the morning after and sink into a pit of regret! I am not speaking from experience or anything, I just watch too many movies! 'I can't believe I said that...!'

The other worrying aspect of a fantastic night out is when you walk into work the next morning and you witness a few whispers, a little chuckle and suddenly every starts busting your 'Sex Bomb' moves on the tables! I am just lucky that Build Me Up Buttercup never reached the CD player!

Bed came for me and Mart at around 2ish, but there were still a few dirty stop outs lingering like a bad smell until a little time after that I believe. By that time, you can begin to see the bar guys glaring at the very last crowd that they need to get rid of so that they can pack up and go home, wiping the same beer glass for round 10 minutes! I'm only joking, the service was excellent all night long.

All I feel that is left to be said now, is a big, italic THANK YOU for a great evening, and let's gear up to do it all again next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Party Poopers Not Welcome!

I feel that I can officially mention CHRISTMAS without now feeling that it is either too early or receive a vibe from those around me that I am banging on about the festive celebrations a little too often. If you have not yet managed to finish your Christmas shopping then all that is left to say is...unlucky.

Now then , I really do not want to offend anyone out there by mentioning our Christmas Party (oops), especially if you are working at Woolworth's at present (but not for much longer) as I appreciate it may be somewhat of a sore point for many with the current climate etc.

But hey now, let's not ponder on that too much and move on to have a little chat about THE night of the year tonight, where Activity Wales and sister company Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire get together, all spruced up in our gowns and suits, pushing the computer's aside and get down to a little boogie and a few (quiet) drinks!

This is rather exciting for me as I have not yet attended a Christmas Party with the company, having only been here since January this year. Which means that on January 2nd the office is sure to be filled with cakes, pop and pringles and party poppers to celebrate my 12 month working spell. Either that or my P45!

I have been informed by an insider known only by 'Saint Nikoclaus' to watch out for a few individuals dancing on tables and the like, and not to name any names that could put 'Saint Nikoclaus' in danger by any means, I shall call them Linda, Alison and Mrs C, all members of the Accounts department. I do hope that is not too much information revealed Nikoclaus.

Once I have wrapped up my working day at 16.30, I shall race home (sticking to all of the speed limits along the way), shower, change and wallah! Princess Natter's has been born. I am slightly worried however that my 12cm heel will prove to be a little to daring by say around 20.00 (it starts at 19.30) and I shall be riddled with blisters and walking like a penguin. But I am sure I won't be the only one.

I hear you all bellowing 'But where does this triumphant mound of festivities take place Princess?' so I will oblige in revealing, The Wolfscastle Country Hotel otherwise known as Allt-yr-Afon. I have attended the Hotel in previous years for Wedding functions and may I say the food is absolutely fabulous, to die for, exquisite! To make way for my 3 course Dinner this evening, consisting of Leek and Potato soup ( I know, an old favourite), Butternut Squash and Raspberry Cheesecake, I have only brought along tomato soup and a yogurt for dinner so not to spoil my appetite.

I can feel in my waters that tonight we will have among us famous faces such as Cinderella (before and after), her Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and a Frog. I do believe Shrek could make an appearance depending on what sort of day it's been. Of course I am only joking, just preparing everyone for this joyous occasion, with smiles all round and a sprightly skip in their step.

Last thought, I am thinking we should play that irritating game where you all write down a famous person or something, swap within the group, stick it on your forehead and you have to sit there like a silly person while you ask random questions about who you could possible be amongst the laughter of those around you. It's an idea I will bear in mind.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tank Time!

Well well. Just when I thought Activity Wales couldn't get any better they go and launch a fantastic new provider offering thrilling Tank Days in Monmouthshire. Beat that hey!

Many of you I'm sure are now reminiscing of your days playing 'Tank Wars' back in the nineties, firing at opponent tanks and producing threatening dirt bombs for extra defence. How do I know? I have a grand father, father and brother.

So now that you are ecstatically over the moon that Activity Wales can bring you Coca Cola's 'the real thing', I would like to quote,

'Activity Wales. Where dreams come true and memories made'.

I agree, what a slogan.

And while we are on the subject, you know that Coca Cola Christmas advert that visits our television screens as we near the festive season where they advertise Coca Cola in glass bottles? Well, I just wanted to say that I like it very much. It makes you feel that extra little bit festive. No, I am not going mad because my partners mum thinks so too, anybody else agree?!

So, getting over the first 'random' thought for today, I shall now head back to reporting what I am meant to be, Tank School. It is fabulous, a must do and see for all, book here at Activity Wales. Finished. I am only pulling your string...

Tank School offer a number of exhilarating experience days ranging from 'Car Splat' which involves pretty much what it says on the tin. You pick a 'banger' (without the mash) that is a pathetic excuse of four wheels and watch in angst as right before your eyes it becomes crushed by a 42-tonne Russian battle tank! Just a thought, I wonder if you could do it Top Gear style and bring along the family caravan?

Along with the hilarious 'Car Splat' you and a group of mates can enjoy either a half or full day tank driving experience, learning to drive across rough terrain and woodland.

Tank School can offer a unique experience for corporate and team building events, intriguingly entitled 'Tank Combat'. Perfect for leadership and teamwork as you will be asked to follow important instructions in order to complete your mega mission.

I do believe this is on to be a real winner for those wanting an unusual company challenge, and think of it this way; present your chief with your fantastic idea of 'Tank Combat' and your 'mega mission', and if your hyped tone of voice, enthusiastic hand gestures and tank firing impressions don't quite swing it, just slip in that also included is lunch for all, refreshments and a winners presentation. You are sure then to have it in the bag.

In researching this tremendous, tantalizing tank torment I can't help but feel a bit 'ladish' for appearing to be a little excited and 'up for it' so to speak. But when you weigh the thought of painting your toe nails pink against squashing a car with a gigantic tank, I have to admit that the latter sounds so much more appealing doesn't it?! Any other girls (or guys) agree?

So there you have it, an introduction to Tank School.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Activity Wales Christmas Grotto!

Ho Ho Ho! Please do ignore the large image to the right hand side of the screen, I am only joking!

You know back in September when you all thought that I was barking mad for mentioning 'Christmas' just that teeny weeny little bit too early?

Well I hate to tell you guys, oh no don't worry, I am not springing the fact that you have skipped a few doors on your advent calender and you have awoken on Christmas morning, no no, just that here we are, the beginning of December and there are Christmas decorations and sparkling lights everywhere you blink! It can surely mean only one thing. That people are even crazier than last year and feel the need to pop up their dec's before the rest of the world, winning their imaginary award for being the first household to display their dedication and love of the festive season back in August. Okay, slight exaggeration there. Well in thinking about this not really, because my next door neighbour was singing Christmas carols on August Bank Holiday Monday whilst the Barbecue was cooking. Yes, I have been worried about her for a while now.

I do love Christmas as much as the next person, but in my opinion, I do think Christmas does kick in that little bit too early. It's like you go into a local shop to buy a bucket and spade in the Summer and come out with a Christmas Tree, flashing lights and a fairy! I don't know, maybe I am just not quite 'with it'. After all, I am twenty years old now.

Now I just thought that you may all be a little be stressed with the lead up to Christmas, with spending money on pressies and chocolates for the tree and such like, so I found a few little jokes that may cause you to remain sour faced or make you chuckle, (let's hope for the latter!):

Q: What happened when the snow woman got angry with the snowman?
A: She gave him the cold shoulder!

Q. What do the elves sing to Santa Claus on his birthday?
A. Freeze a jolly good fellow . . . (I have to admit I did have a right little chuckle at that one! I know, small things...)

Q. What did the big candle say to the little candle?
A. I'm going out tonight.

Santa Claus Conundrum:
The 3 stages of man:
1) He believes in Santa Claus. 2) He doesn't believe in Santa Claus. 3) He is Santa Claus.

I knew it, they work every time! Go on say it, you are now presenting your sparkling whites through a beaming smile, your bouncing up and down in your chair with tears in your eyes! But please, by all means feel free to post your own Christmas crackers in the 'comment' section if you think that you can do better than those beauties!

I chose my title, 'Activity Wales Christmas Grotto' for this festive season entry because I like to think that here at Activity Wales we have a similar 9-5 working Grotto just like good old Santa Claus. The only difference being of course that ours is actually real and not mythological. In Santa Claus mythology the Grotto is a complex located in the North Pole, and I would just like to mention here that the North Pole was considered as a location for Activity Wales.

Unfortunately, the conclusion was made that myself, Fran, Leanne and Gem would spend far to much time playing with the Polar Bears. I couldn't really see the problem myself, we do get time for lunch so we could pop out then, I guess we couldn't really convince the Chief that we would return. So, on that conclusion we did settle for Pembrokeshire. It is like a home from home really as we have Reindeer at Folly Farm.

Seriously though, I am talking to you today to present you with the answer to all your Christmas shopping worries. Our Experience Day Gift Vouchers are an ideal Christmas present for the many variations in your family, from bingo fanatic Nanny Dot to wacky Cousin Drew. Come on, everyone has their own list of the top ten things they would like to do before they hit the end of the road, and you never know, we may have a least one of them that you can tick off the list!

So, why not take a look and see if I am right, and listen guys, don't worry about me this year I am heading straight for the January sales!