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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat!

I love Christmas and the sooner we can all jump around singing Christmas carols wearing our floppy red reindeer ears the better!

Christmas at Activity Wales means a wide variety of Experience Day gift vouchers on offer for everybody and anybody to snap up. I am pretty sure that at we can all find an experience that would suit at least one member of our family and a few of our friends, giving them a cracking Christmas gift this year.

If you are looking for activity ideas then we have plenty for you to choose from.

Our Activity Wales Experience Day Gift Vouchers are none other than a simple, affordable and creative present. They come free with a trendy drawstring sports bag neatly presented in a gift box, so all that is left for you to do is tie the matching ribbon and bow to add your festive and personal touch!

They appeal to the young and old alike in Wales and afar, as they provide numerous opportunities for thrilling action, buzzing adventure and frenzied emotions throughout our beautiful Wales.

The very best advice I can give to you would be to take a look at the website and check out our activity gift search which you will find to the left hand side of the home page. From this drop down you can view all activities we offer listed in alphabetical order.

Alternatively, take a look at our top Christmas Gift Ideas which have been hand picked from our most popular experiences throughout the year.

Good luck and happy holidays!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Long Course Weekend

Well what a weekend. The pretty harbour, cobbled streets and friendly atmosphere of Tenby really did prove to be a fantastic host to Activity Wales Events Long Course Weekend.

The three day endurance triathlon held between the 24th and 26th September brought an abundance of athletes, their families and friends to come together and enjoy the very best of what Pembrokeshire has to offer. The electric atmosphere over the weekend was thanks to all of the enthusiastic locals who spent hours cheering and clapping the athletes as they past through small villages, tackled hills and flew over the finish line.

The Long Course Weekend consisted of three separate events; The Wales Swim (1.5 or 3km), The Wales Sportive (40, 80 or 120 mile) and The Wales Marathon (half or full). Participants were free to tackle whichever event and distance they wanted to tackle, with the exception of 40 brave triathletes who embraced the challenge of completing the full Long Course jigsaw of 3km swim, 120 mile bike and full marathon.

Out of the 40 Long Course athletes first entered, only a defiant bunch of 16 finally finished.

Oliver Simon was crowned King of the Long Course finishing with a commendable time of 9 hours and 53 minutes!

The Long Course Weekend was truly a magnificent spectacle to witness and is sure to be again when it hits Pembrokeshire in June 2011. Bordered by the sea, Pembrokeshire excelled as a host to the newest and most demanding triathlon to hit the UK, which is why it is now to become the county to welcome IronMan Wales in 2011!

Activity Wales Events consider it a massive honour to have contributed to putting IronMan Wales on the calender, with the date scheduled for Sunday 11th September 2011. Athletes can expect to be welcomed into Pembrokeshire with open arms, and whilst visiting embrace the outstanding beauty of our Pembrokeshire Coastal National Park, stunning scenery, sandy beaches and iconic landmarks.

To begin the 3.8k swim at Tenby's South beach, with the challenging 180k bike ride to follow and finishing with a triumphant 42k marathon. This is one marvel not to be missed.

For full information and registrations (only for the brave!) visit

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Royal Welsh Show 2010

I am a huge fan of visiting the Royal Welsh Show, but it would seem that I haven't been for a few years. So this year when I was given the chance to exhibit with Activity Wales and Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire I jumped at the chance.

There is always such a 'nice' feeling about The Royal Welsh, it maybe because it has been held at Llanelwedd since 1963 and so the superb organisation and layout has been practiced time and time again, that the many dedicated helpers could now arrange the festivities with their eyes closed.

Activity Wales and Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire were one of the 1000 trade stands to attend the show which is held over four days, where the figure of 177,000 presented itself as the number of visitors to attend the bustling event and it's full programme of entertainment over the four days.

I love getting involved and being part of the team representing the company that I enjoy working for everyday, it allows me to meet people who love and admire Pembrokeshire and Wales as a whole as much as I do. With The Royal Welsh Show being set in the heart of the Mid Wales Countryside, it is not surprising that you get to feel so very proud of your Welsh roots.

Even the drive from Pembrokeshire to Builth Wells is something amazing to admire, the rolling countryside, magnificent views across the valleys, the fresh mountain air and the winding roads. It really does offer some wonderful sights during the journey that makes it feel as though it has only taken a mere five minutes to get there.

I know that I have driven or been passenger to those roads a handful of times before but it seems that there is always something else to catch my eye or things that I notice hidden amongst the hills that I don't recall ever seeing before. You can certainly understand why so many revel in the opportunity to take their motorbikes for a spin around those mountains to Llandovery and beyond, it is amazingly picturesque.

The four days proved well worth the visit as many popped in to our candy striped marquee to spark conversation on Pembrokeshire and beyond. Some had sadly never been to our hidden gem on the South West Wales coast before, but there were so many who return to Pembrokeshire for their holidays annually and have done so for many many years before.

I couldn't believe that 3292 horse and ponies were entered at this years Royal Welsh with 529 of my favourite, the stunning animal which is the supreme Welsh Cob. They are such a powerful and vibrant breed, I admire and uphold their almighty presence.

A little piece of smart advice would be to pencil in the 18-21st July for The Royal Welsh Show 2011 and embrace the fabulous welsh culture in which it captures year after year. Hopefully I'll see you there!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mumbles Triathlon

Mumbles Triathlon went off with a bang. What a fantastic weekend and even the sunny weather we ordered turned up without fail.

Watching the sunrise at 5am over the Mumbles coastline made getting up at stupid o'clock well worth it. It was such a fantastic morning, the sea was calm, the sky blue and the sun was peeping from behind the ragged rocks. It was just the most perfect and unspoilt setting for all of the athletes arriving bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to face their tri.

It was the making for a simply perfect day.

Registration on the sun deck of Mumbles Yacht Club went down a storm on the Friday evening, with a great turn out for the pasta party! It was great to make the most of the evening and ensure that everyone admired the fantastic view across the bay.

For someone who really enjoys meeting people and chatting their ear off, I found the registration process perfect for me. Even though it only lasted a few minutes I was truly in my element!
It was great to meet all of the athletes, have a chat and then watch them cross over the finish line on Saturday morning and give them all a great big smile and well done. A sweaty hug was out of the question...

For me watching the swim was absolutely amazing. From the pier you had a great view across the water and saw the mass, deep water start in all it's glory. It was something else...almost like a giant washing machine churning constantly. Fair play to the two swimmers that powered ahead, the early lead was immense.

It's funny isn't it, this may just be me but boy did I want to jump in and join everybody. It was so inspiring to watch everybody mingling and having a ball. They truly looked like they were having so much fun.

I really enjoyed my time in Mumbles and I am 100% confident to say that everybody else did too. I simply cannot wait until next year...

...HAHA, but maybe I don't!

For it's very first year, September 2010 brings The Long Course Weekend to Tenby, Pembrokeshire. It is set to be the most exciting and new triathlon event to come to the UK since Ironman. The major difference of The Long Course being, instead of 17 hours straight the triathlon is being stage over three days...The Wales Swim, The Wales Sportive and finishing with The Wales Marathon.

Think your tough enough? Go in give it a go!

For registration and full information visit or give a representative a call on 01437 766 888.

Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm walking on sunshine...

Well what a terrific weekend. The sun has arrived and I love it...

I am officially a sun worshiper, some might say a little too much sometimes but something smiles inside of me when the sky is blue and the sun is out saying hello.
I spent the whole weekend with my fiance out on the boat, exploring our beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. For something different we decided to take a spin out towards Skomer Island and the sea was pretty calm really, I suppose there wasn't much of a wind on Saturday. Normally when you pass St Ann's Head the air changes and the sea gets a little choppier as you officially head out to sea but it was fairly inviting.
I do love watching all the birds bobbing up and down riding the waves they look so at home. My mum loves Puffins and boy was there an abundance of them soaking up the sun over the weekend. It was like they had all decided to meet at this one cove as there was an army of them bobbing altogether in this one spot. I still can't really get over how small and adorable they are, I think their rainbow coloured beaks make them exceed the 'cute' factor!
After Skomer we tootled over to Broad Haven and it was lovely to see all the children splashing around at the waters edge, people enjoying the picnics and soaking up the sun.
We then spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday enjoying the peaceful setting of Watick Bay, which is a little bay set around the corner from Dale. It is one little hot spot and the water is so clear.

We are definitely wanting to make the most of this gorgeous weather and so hoping to head out again today after work and head down towards Lawrenny. May even treat ourselves to a bar snack!

It is surprising how quick May is whizzing past actually before we know it our Activity Wales Events team will be heading down to Mumbles to launch the Mumbles Triathlon on Saturday 26th June. That is going to be a terrific day, a great setting with friendly people and a challenge for all who has entered. It is amazing the registrations that have flooded in, people are going crazy for this triathlon though spaces are limited.
If anyone is interested, the Mumbles Tri offers competitors a choice between two distances:

Long Sprint 750m open water swim - 32k bike - 5 k (2 laps) run
Short Sprint 750m open water swim - 21k bike - 2.5k run

For further information and for quick registration call a member of our Activity Wales team on 01437 766 888.

Happy sunbathing and long may it continue!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Walking Wales - Pembrokehire Dawn Walk returns

Since I completed the Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk with my dad last year, I haven't stopped walking since.

I didn't realise how quick this years walk was going to come around, it is this coming Sunday 16th May. Last year, we were a little unfortunate with the mum, my dad and I were sat around the kitchen table nibbling on our toast as the wind and rain battered against the back door. It was then I decided to slip on my waterproofs. This year though I feel the sun is going to shine!

The Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk on Sunday 16th May is to raise funds for McMillan Cancer Support, with walkers setting off at dawn along a scenic route of 26 miles from Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest and finishing at Cresselly Cricket Club in time for the well earned party and celebrations!

So this coming Saturday evening will see my mum and I having a generous helping of pasta for tea followed by us kicking back on the sofa watching Britain's Got Talent conserving all our energy for the early start on Sunday.

Back pack, plasters, a bottle of water and I am ready to go...

Just quickly, I wanted to touch on a walking event between the 29th May and 11th June in Pembrokeshire. Coast Path Walk 2010 is an extra special 14 day walk along the full length of the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast Path - booking is essential.

For further information and booking, call 0845 345 7275.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Let's Walk on Water!

This Easter Heatherton Country Sports Park launched their human hamster ball water activity 'Walk on Water'.

Heatherton's Walk on Water inspiration came from Blue Peter's fun and fitness on water and the ball to bring it to Pembrokeshire has been rolling ever since! Jumping inside the large 6ft inflatable, transparent, plastic human hamster ball offers everyone great fun and has been created for all walks of life to have a go at running, rolling, flipping and spinning on water without any need for your trunks!

Nobody now needs to acquire a miracle to walk on water - just holiday to Pembrokeshire!

For more information and booking, please give a member of our Activity Wales team a call on 01437 766 888 or e-mail

Friday, 30 April 2010

Rosie's on her way home!

Rosie has finished her last but one marathon in Llanelli today! Well done to all the guys in llanelli for looking after Rosie after 26 marathons!!

So Marathon 27 tomorrow...The last one back home on The Wales Marathon Course. Rosie aims to start from Tudor Square at 9 am and anticipates finishing around 6pm, once again back in the square.

If you are in the area and want to run with Rosie please feel free to drop the office a line and we'll tell you where she is! Or simply come into the square and be part of the party atmosphere to cheer Rosie in!

Welcome back Rosie!

Rosie Swale-Pope is coming back to Tenby to run her consecutive 27th marathon in 27 days!

If you are around in Tenby on Saturday 1st May then join the crowds to welcome Rosie back to her home turf with open arms. Her whopping 27th marathon will begin at around 9am, wrapping up late afternoon around 5ish at Tudor Square.

Come on Rosie you can do it!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Forest Experience Rally School Offer!!

Phone now to claim this offer or forever hold your peace!

Forest Experience Rally School in Carno are offering a half day Rally Driving course at a discounted rate.
This coming Friday 30th April and Sunday 2nd May they currently have limited space available for their half day Rally Driving Course which they have reduced from £195 per person to a bargain £170 per person!

Please call a member of our Activity Wales team on 01437 766 888 for further information and booking.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rosie Swales - One Marathon down (a few to go!)

Well Tenby was bustling on Easter Monday as Rosie Swales and her Ice Bird kicked off her 26 Marathons in 26 Days on home ground starting at Tenby's Tudor Square for 8am.

Raising money for Ty Hafan, the testing Marathon yesterday was the first of Rosie's 26 Marathons with the rest being forecast at varying locations across the country accordingly. Today Rosie is heading to Cardiff to tackle number two.

Great local support was apparent everywhere around the Tenby and Lydstep areas as car horns were consistently beeping as they drove past Rosie, generously donating their loose change as they past all helping towards Rosie's target to raise £3000 for Ty Hafan.

To help Rosie along her way staff at Ty Hafan, friends, locals and members of our Activity Wales and Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire teams each jogged a mile alongside Rosie to keep the pace going and ensure Rosie was happy at all times.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stint with Rosie and I'd take my hat off (if I was wearing one) to Rosie for her obvious enthusiasm and determination to complete this magnificent challenge.

Rosie also broke more news yesterday in that she didn't really think that running 26 Marathons was going to be enough of a challenge, so she has decided to add in an extra one at the end that she will complete back on her home turf in Tenby!
Well done Rosie and keep going. What an inspiration!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ty Hafan Visit

Ty Hafan pops in!!!!

Today Phil from Ty Hafan popped in the office to run through some of the final preparations before Rosie attempts her 26 Marathons in 26 Days for the Ty Hafan charity....

The office is buzzing

Monday, 29 March 2010

Easter Fun with Pembrokeshire Getaway!

Low and behold Easter is already upon us and I haven't had time to blink! If your family is destined for some raw Easter fun and frolics this year, then our fantastic holiday to Pembrokeshire maybe exactly what your looking for...

Easter Eggs and Pembrokeshire Fun
Enjoy seven nights self catering accommodation in Pembrokeshire with all the family and celebrate Easter in style!
Easter is a great time for all the family and this package in Pembrokeshire is perfect for all ages. Your self-catering property stands in a quiet position within the greatly popular Ivy Tower Village with on site leisure facilities of indoor heated pool, sauna, gym and tennis courts for all to enjoy. An Easter egg for each will be awaiting your arrival at your property as will an array of Pembrokeshire breakfast treats ready for you to cook a hearty dish the following morning. Embrace this opportunity to catch the surf at the beach and get into action on the waves, the first to stand wins! If the surf wasn't enough sea air for the family then go on to catch yourself a memory with Sea Fishing along the Pembrokeshire Coastline. A family feast of frolics.

The cost for seven nights self catering accommodation, Easter eggs, Surfing and Sea Fishing for all the family of four from only: £219 per person

Activity Wales would be delighted to arrange the package above for your family, or tailor make a package suited to your individual requirements, if you would prefer to celebrate Easter in your own personal way.

Feel free to contact a member of our Activity Wales team if you would like to arrange your Easter holiday, weekend or activity day out. Phone 01437 766 888 or e-mail

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Mumbles Triathlon

Activity Wales Events are itching to kick this years stream of events into action and where better to begin than the Mumbles Triathlon in June.

Run under the rules of the British Triathlon Association, Activity Wales Events are proud to add the Mumbles Triathlon to their series of events throughout the year. The Mumbles Tri will take place on Saturday 26th June promptly starting at 7am. A request for the sun to shine has been submitted!
To ensure that the Mumbles Tri Wales appeals to all competitors of all ranging abilities, the triathlon course will be split into two distances, leaving no excuse for any budding athlete to not take part.

All competitors will partake in the 750m open swim around the picturesque Mumbles Bay, then arises the choice between the long or short sprint. The long sprint will go on to complete the merciless 32k bike ride consisting of infamous challenges throughout and the short sprint will accomplish their 21k bike ride the great and celebrated Gower roads. Finally to execute your finish the long sprint will endure their 5k run with the short sprint tackling their 2.5k run along the fast and flat shoreline of Mumbles Bay.

The Mumbles Tri is a sporting event geared to suit every member of the family for an entertaining and enjoyable day out. With quality accommodation suiting every penny in the pocket combined with pre and post parties being well engineered, nobody is going to want to be left sitting at home.

Get the bags packed, children in the back (athlete in the boot!) and get the whole family down to our Mumbles Triathlon this coming June.

Register now from only £36 at or call a member of our Activity Wales Events team on 01437 766 888.
Happy training!

For more information in regards to other up and coming Activity Wales Events please take the time to visit

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Forest Experience 4 x 4 Experience Day

Forest Experience Rally School in Powys offer an invaluable half day 4 x 4 Off Road Experience, providing a great introduction for those keen to brush up on their off road driving skills.

I am delighted to announce that Time Out Magazine were so impressed with the 'Try Something New' element to the half day 4 x 4 Off Road adventure with Forest Experience Rally School and the way in which Activity Wales presented the product, that they chose to feature the roaring experience day in their April issue of Time Out Magazine.

The Half Day 4 x 4 Off Road Driving Experience is a raw event where keen drivers can encounter a whopping 900 acres of unspoilt welsh forestry, offering great fun and plenty of insane, yet controlled off road mania. A full driving licence must be held by all participating drivers.
For £99 per person your half day experience will be neatly structured as follows:

The 4x4 half day off road driving experience session will start with a short briefing on 4x4 operation. After which you will depart for the forest and begin familiarisation runs on forest tracks before moving onto the nursery sections driving alongside your instructor.

Once you have successfully mastered these off road driving sections you will move onto more difficult terrain, which will include ascending and descending plentiful slopes and banks. You will end your driving experience by driving the course again but this time in reverse!

At the end of your activity session you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you are rearing to jump behind the wheel in Wales with Forest Experience Rally School and wish to discuss further details and get the ball rolling to book in your experience day, then please contact a member of our Activity Wales team on 01437 766 888 or

Don't forget to mention the blog!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

St David's Day

Roll on St David's Day - the national day of celebration within Wales on March 1st.

I am hoping that our St David's Day this year will be a combined celebration when Wales beat France tomorrow night at the Millenium Stadium. If we do, I will still being singing Shaun Edwards' favourite 'Saturday Night at the Movies' on Monday morning!
I didn't realise that at one time (back in 2006), the Welsh campaigned for St David's Day to become a recognised bank holiday - but Tony Blair rejected the proposition. I guess it would have meant us having to sacrifice a different bank holiday instead.

Every year a variety of parades and festivities are held across Wales to celebrate our patron saint of Wales with this year being no exception.

St David's Day celebrations in Cardiff will include concerts, a parade and a food festival. The events will kick off tomorrow, 26th February with the third annual Really Welsh Food Festival in the city centre. Featuring all welsh produce the festival will continue over 27th and 28th February inclusive.

The changing of the guard will commence at Cardiff Castle's south gate on 27th and 28th February by the soldiers from the Royal Welsh Regiment.

Visitors to Cardiff Castle on March 1st will be given a FREE tube of daffodil bulbs to commemorate the day. I think that's a really sweet touch....

Although the parade in Cardiff is the largest staged, Colwyn Bay in North Wales create an annual parade through the centre of the town too.

For me, I have two poignant memories of traditions that I most associate with St David's Day...

Firstly, being in school and performing in the Eisteddfod singing and performing in Welsh wearing my little Welsh lady costume. Mum thought I looked adorable with my curly hair under the hat!!
Secondly for me was returning home for good old fashioned cawl - vegetables only for me mind.

It is amazing the recognition a bowl of cawl has throughout Wales during the winter months - you see it advertised in cafes everywhere. Mind you cawl goes down a storm as half time grub at the pubs when Wales are playing rugby!

Don't forget your daffodil and wherever you are in Wales enjoy your St David's celebrations.

Come on Wales!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Marvellous Mother's Day

Activity Wales are offering great Mother's Day treats for mums of all ages and individuality!

It is pretty cool that there is a day dedicated to all mums in the world, to spoil them and appreciate all that they do for us all year. Though a daughter's day may be something to think about for the future...!

I do think though that it shouldn't be just the one day that we show our mums we care, I mean I like to think that throughout the year I do have a few caring moments. It's all about the unexpected for me - the element of surprise. This is just me expressing a thought.

Anyhow, Mothering Sunday is to be celebrated this year on Sunday 14th March. I just don't know where the time goes. I'll be soon to be typing about Father's Day in June before I know it.

Are you struggling yet again this year for a few ideas? I say let our Activity Wales team do all the hard work for you. There is no need for this to be a tiresome task.

Our Activity Wales Experience Day Gift Ideas are the perfect treat this year.

The obvious choice would be the relaxing Spa Day, kicking back and enjoying the sights across the bay complete with massage and manicure. All that aroma doesn't just have to be for mum you know - and that's the best bit! Fancy keeping her company?

I would say something like Horse Riding would be a pretty hot choice too. Trekking across the superb Welsh countryside, trotting across the coast, galloping along the water's edge. Horse Riding is an activity that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. There is something special about experiencing our Wales on horseback.

I do appreciate that bobbing along on a horse may not appeal to everyone out there. How about experiencing our terrific Pembrokeshire coastline up in the air? Embrace the grace of flying like a bird.
Our Activity Wales Pleasure Flights are perfect for a glorious Mothering Sunday morning or late afternoon, with the sea shining and blanket of clear blue sky all around.
If mum may feel a little too relaxed just sitting back and admiring Pembrokeshire, then opt for a Flying Lesson around the coastline instead. Yes, mum can have the opportunity to take the controls and learn to fly the aircraft all by herself! I suggest mum does this one alone...

The above activities are literally a few hand picked Experience Day's that I chose to give you an idea of what Activity Wales can offer your mum this Mother's Day.

For the whole selection visit and take part in our simple activity gift search.

If you think that your mum deserves a little extra this year, then there is always our Activity Wales finest selection of Mother's Day packages available to discover online too. A break away for a few nights maybe the clincher to earn a few extra brownie points this year!

If you need any help or advice along the way then please feel free to contact a member of our Activity Wales team on 01437 766 888 or e-mail

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Activity Wales joins Facebook

Activity Wales has recently joined the Facebook revolution!

Our Facebook fan page has been up and running for just over a week and already we have had 300 fans join and our group of like minded 'activity' people is growing day by day.

Our Facebook fan page has been created to keep you up to date with everything that is going on within the activity scene in Wales and will be regularly updated to highlight special offers, news and events of interest.

Become a fan and embrace the world of Activity Wales and join in with discussions, leave comments and add your images and videos for all fellow fans to appreciate.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Rosie Swales to Run the Activity Wales Marathon

Ceris Hewlings - Tenby observer wrote today

Twenty-six marathons in 26 days! To most people that’s unthinkable.
But not for Tenby’s round-the-world adventurer Rosie Swale Pope MBE, who will be stepping out on the challenge in April in aid of children’s hospices.
And her first marathon on her epic 681.2-mile journey will be in her very own home town as she launches Tenby’s new Wales Marathon.
Rosie is teaming up with Matthew Evans, chief executive of Activity Wales, and company director Scott Powell to promote the exciting three-day gruelling event which is being hosted by Tenby in September.
Rosie, 63, will run the 26.2-mile course on Easter Monday, April 5, pulling her famous cart Icebird, which accompanied her for a large part of her 21,000-mile global trek.
The Wales Marathon will be Pembrokeshire’s first ever measured marathon and will be held on Sunday, September 26, as part of the Long Course Weekend.
The whole event will include the 1,500 and 3,000-metre Wales Swim on Friday, September 24, 40, 80 or 120-mile Wales Sportif bike rides on the Saturday, followed by the full marathon and a half marathon which will start and finish in Tenby on the Sunday.
The event is being organised by Matthew, Scott and Activity Wales.
Both are well-known athletes, with Matthew having completed 10 marathons in 10 days and the Ironman Austria last year, while Scott already owns and runs many national award-winning events.
Although the event is still in its planning stages, with the marathon course - which will see runners complete loops heading out from Tenby towards Manorbier and back along The Ridgeway to Penally and Tenby - officially being measured in March, they are hoping to get as much community support as possible.
“It is unique,” said Scott. “There is no race like it that sees these sports come together over one weekend.
“We aim to get all the communities around Tenby involved and make the event a real carnival atmosphere, with a prize up for grabs for the best community support.”
Participants will be able to raise funds for their own charities, but there will be an overall charity that the event will support.
“To have Rosie running the route is quite a treat,” added Matthew.
“Tenby is hosting this event, which is fantastic for both the town and Pembrokeshire.”
Participants can enter as many of the races as they want, with finishers receiving medals which will, if all three are completed, form a jigsaw to create the unique Long Course Weekend medal.
Rosie’s other 25 marathons will all be in Wales and England.
Her friend and supporter, Geoff Hall, is currently working out her schedule, but other runs are likely to include Bristol, Bath, Hereford and Gloucester.
“It is just a little challenge, but is very important to me,” she said.
“It will be very hard, but I have been partly inspired by Matthew, who did 10 marathons in 10 days, which is unbelievably gruelling, and Eddie Izzard, who did a huge amount of marathons, one of which I ran with him,” she continued.
“I know I will be very slow and it will be harder because I am pulling Icebird. I am not superwoman; I am just an ordinary runner, but it is wonderful to be doing my first marathon here in Tenby and I will just go on from there.”
The marathons, Rosie says, are her personal thank you to all the people who have always been there for her through thick and thin, and will also be in aid of two very special hospices.
Rosie continued: “There are many causes that are forever part of my life. I felt the need to do something for the children of Britain during these marathons, and intend to raise funds and awareness for Ty Hafan, the family hospice in Cardiff, and Helen House in Oxford, the world’s first children’s hospice, and Douglas House, also in Oxford, the first for young people. They are remarkable, and I am so proud to run for them.
“I was very moved when I visited Ty Hafan recently and hope that I can raise £3,000 for each, so every penny counts.”
Rosie is now busy training, for which she has received advice from her friend Ann Rowell and Runners World.
Anyone who would like to sponsor Rosie can do so by logging onto
Sponsor forms can also be found at Coastal Cottages’ Tenby office, Kate Blair Hairdressers, Webb Computers and Weybourne Guest House.
“I am so grateful to everyone who has agreed to have sponsor forms and the those who have sponsored me already,” said Rosie.
Details about the Long Course Weekend can be found at and Entries open on February 7. pic by Gareth Davies, Tenby.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Love is in the Air - Celebrate Valentine's Day with Activity Wales

Surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day and give them Activity Wales Experience Day Gift Voucher.

Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to whisk your partner away and get their heart racing with some fun, frolics and foolery and show them how much you care with an Activity Wales Gift Experience Day. With a wide array of activities available throughout our wonderful Wales, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Here in our Pembrokeshire office, we have put our heads together and we have come up with a few great activity gift ideas for that special person in your life.

Check out these blooming marvellous Experience Days below...

Valentine Gift ideas for HER

Valentine Gift ideas for HIM

These are just the top gift ideas that we have put together for you, but if you do not see something here that you feel your loved one would like, then check out our website for all of our experience days we have to offer.

To book your Experience Day Gift Voucher, you can either book online or by giving a member of our Activity Wales team a call on 01437 765 777.

If you would like to spend some quality time with your loved one this Valentines weekend, then here at Activity Wales we can tailor-make a package to suit your requirements. Perhaps you would like to experience one of these activity days and combine it with a stay at a top hotel or if you fancy some chill time together, you can just escape and spend some quiet time alone.

Any queries then just give a member of our Activity Wales team a shout on 01437 766 888 or e-mail

Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Year, one brand new beginning

Happy New Year!

The New Year gives us all the chance to be better than we were the year before, promise to give chocolate up for the month of January and offers that friendly boost to get motivated, fit and fantastic! My Davina DVD has officially been wiped free of the cobwebs!

Look, I know even the thought of giving up chocolate for one whole month for most people would make them cry into their pillows like a baby, so let's throw that one out of the window for now. January is hard enough getting by with a pocket full of pennies let only giving up your only saviour. Mind you the price of chocolate these days is getting ridiculous. I went into Morrison's garage the other day and low and behold a bar of Wispa Gold was a heart wrenching 52p! The woman behind me had to scrape me up off the floor.

Anyway, I seem to be getting side tracked yet again. So I was thinking, how about arousing the devil inside you and get to grips with an exciting new challenge for 2010?

A pattern emerges when speaking to people over the phone in that it is really surprising how many of them are desperate to embrace something that they have never done before and realise that there is actually a name for jumping of cliffs and scrambling across the rock pools. That would be Coasteering by the way...

If you find yourself shaking your head whispering 'No I haven't' to one or more of the below, then I expect you to dial 01437 766 888 without hesitation an seal your fate.

Those 10 bad boys create an intriguing mixture between the wacky, weird and wonderful in Wales. Let's get cracking...