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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Witness Whizzardry!

I am very excited to inform all you guys, girls and young terrors out there of a brand new provider that we are delighted to bring to you all, courtesy of Whizzard Helicopters.

Located in Welshpool Powys, they bring bounds of fun, offering Helicopter Pleasure Flights to presenting you with the opportunity to try your hand dipping and diving, operating the Helicopter yourself. But of course, you will not find yourself in a similar situation as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses and his turmoil to control his Para glider, as you will, at all times, be accompanied by a highly qualified instructor.

If you are an avid fan of Only Fools and Horses, you will appreciate my little reference to the hilarious episode above, if not (tut tut), I shall now make you familiar.

Basically, Del and Rodney continue to compete against one another throughout the episode to steal a young lady's heart, who happens to be highly interested in Paragliding. During the heated competition, Rodney believes a glorious sun-kissed tan will make her weak, and jumps on the sunbed. Big mistake while old Del Boy's on the prowl. Del feels he isn't getting much of a tan, and so cranks it up to high, Rodney falls asleep. Ouch.

Waking up, Rodney is rather sore and seeing red, looking remarkably like a Baboons bottom and seeking revenge. He gladly accompanies Del to the hills, where he has announced to the lady that he is a terrific para glider, cue a recipe for disaster. But Del is no silly billy. He arranges with Rodney, that just when he is about to take off, Rodney is to shout out in front of everyone that the 'car phone' is ringing and Del must leave urgently. Sorted? I don't think so.

All kitted up, Del is ready to hear his loyal brothers call. Surprisingly, it doesn't come. So, thinking Rodney has forgotten, Del prompts him, ''Is that our car phone I can hear ringing Rodney?'' Rodney happily replies, ''We haven't got a car phone!'' Absolute class, gets me every time. And I am sure you can imagine how Del returns home! If you would like to watch the episode for real, though you do now know what happens, it is amongst the cracking, 'Tea For Three'.

Well anyway my apologies, I did go off on one then with Only Fools, back to my reason for writing to you all. The magnificent wonders of Whizzard Helicopters. With Christmas just around the corner and Activity Wales knocking at your door with experiences such as this, what are you waiting for. If your loved one is after a surprise this year, then don't you think giving them a few Helicopter Lessons would fit the bill?!

If you would like to take a little time and have a quick look at the Experience Days that we are offering you for Whizzard Helicopters, then please do click here.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Half Term Mayhem!

Since having left College a few years ago, I seem to have lost all knowledge of the school holidays throughout the year. I guess it would due to the fact that I don't really have a reason to be up to date with that sort of thing anymore.
But, oh boy are we soon aware of any break from school, college or uni at Activity Wales. Common symptoms are the constant sound of the phones ringing, late lunch breaks and the presence of a red hot sweat across our brow! All of those symptoms lead to a firm diagnosis. The students are loose and craving excitement!
It really is a fantastic time for all our team though, keeping us busy and up on our toes, working together and helping all you adrenalin junkies out there to give meaning to your holiday!
Talking of adrenalin junkies, I am fixated at the moment with Jack Osbourne. He has got to be American and have been fathered by Ozzie, what a nutter! Mind you, not only does he get jiggy with heights, wrestle with white water and enthusiastically leap from helicopters (he is dangling by a rope mind, he's not that crazy!), he brings a few of his 'friends' with him! I would take my hat off to him if I was wearing one. Go Jack.

I do feel however, that there are plenty of Jack Osbourne wannabes out there in Wales and beyond, who fancy their chances at giving a few daring Activity Wales Experiences a try! Don't worry, they are all led by highly qualified instructors and not Jack himself!

We can offer you so so many mind- blowing episodes lasting from short, snappy taster sessions to action packed and boundless day entertainment! So why not have a browse on the Website and see which experiences tickle your fancy. But be aware, it is impossible to only find one adrenalin fuelled, activity experience that appeals to you. In the slightly amended words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, You will be back.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Pretty soon most of us silly spooks will be celebrating the Halloween holiday that occurs (thankfully), only once a year on 31st October. Traditions including costume parties, trick-or-treating, carving Jack-o-Lanterns and Ghost Hunting are amongst the celebrations for many. Especially if you live in America, they just go crazy for all things Halloween!

Being an avid fan of the television programme 'Most Haunted', a would personally love to spend a night in a haunted Welsh Castle, to hear the bumps and bangs disturbing the eerie silence, and lighting candles to brighten up the plentiful dark rooms.

As a youngster, (not that I am that much older now), I loved to dress up as a grumpy, old Witch. I would wear a black bin bag with a hole cut with scissors to pop my head through the top, and rummage through my mums expensive make-up bag in order to decorate myself with lipstick and blusher to enhance my gruesome, witch-like looks. I did always wonder though why my mum insisted drawing a pimple on the end of my nose if I wanted to play witch for the evening. In thinking about it though, I suppose I do associate a Witch with having a crooked, rather large nose with a big, black pimple on the end. I guess that must be the same image for us all, including my mum. But hold on, if it is, then I have spotted a big problem. Mum always popped the pimple on my nose. That's not good.

I guess everyone has there own, unique way of celebrating this chilling time of year, or maybe just not bothering at all. But, if you are open to ideas of partaking in something completely different and intriguing this year, then why not try a haunted break in a Castle, in Wales. You can then let me know how scary you found it, and then maybe I'll book in for next year!

Seriously though, if you do fancy a spooky trip, then through Haunting Breaks, Activity Wales can offer you overnight ghost hunts in Maesmawr Hall and Ruthin Castle. So, what are you devils waiting for?!

And don't worry everyone, I am definitely going to speak with my mum when I return home this evening.