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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year Frolics

Radio One are dubbing it the Crimbo Limbo, we are officially within the lull between Christmas and New Year.
I am more of a Christmas fan to be honest, the pretty lights, presents and all the Maynard's Wine Gums you can eat. I actually nearly made myself sick the other night I had eaten so many. The trouble is, people will buy me a box. So, when I am sat on the sofa face to face with 600g to demolish, I just don't seem to know when to stop. It's not until I go to get up that I feel my stomach starting to burst at the seams!
New Year's Eve to me is a little too hectic. Don't get me wrong I like a drink as much as the next person, but I almost prefer the 'family' time of New Year's Day, a few nibbles and 'quiet' drinks around town. I think this year we may head down to Saundersfoot and watch the New Year's Day swim. I would like to say that I am brave enough to attempt the freezing dip myself one year but I wouldn't want to fib. Fair play to anyone that goes for either the Boxing Day swim in Tenby or the New Year's Day in Saundersfoot, you must be flipping freezing to say the least! I remember one year, the beach was packed down in Tenby and next minute, along waddles a recycled youngster wearing that awful green Borat swimsuit. Need I say anymore?!
Do you know what always makes me smile on Boxing Day? You can tell what everyone has had for Christmas. It's true, I know I've done it! The new hat and scarf sets come out, the new bags, coats and shoes. This year, I am guilty of the hat and scarf set. I am just waiting for the year everyone turns up in their new pj's. Come on, they are a must have for Christmas aren't they?!

I was back to work yesterday and boy is it hard to get back into the swing of things! I did not have a clue what day it was, but I guess it doesn't take long to become human again and figure how to type your name. Isn't it funny that when you go back to the office and you haven't seen everyone for a few days that out comes the same question at exactly the same time, 'How was your Christmas?' And you have a little giggle and respond, 'Very good thank you.' Sweet really isn't it. Well in a few days it will be a 'Happy New Year'.

'See you in 2010'

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Party Party Party Time...!

I know, I'm sorry. I haven't wrote to you adrenalin junkie lot for ages. I have been busy though you know.
Well with all my massive apologies out of the way let's get rid of the boring gloom and think tinsel, chocolates, flashing lights and nut roast. Ok, for you 'grrrrr' hearty meat eaters you may prefer to think poor old gobble, gobble turkey instead of the nut roast. If you must.
Tonight is the night where the office uniform is stripped, party frocks start spinning and the one unfortunate someone is left slumped in the corner having drank a little too much wine! I am hoping that this year won't be my turn...
I do love a good old party, but I love it even more when the people that you work with everyday get the opportunity to relax and have a few drinks together outside of the office. It really does create a fantastic buzz between everybody and gives us something to have a laugh about for weeks after.
I am getting a little excited's lunchtime, which means the morning has well and truly passed, meaning that 16.00 is only now going to get closer.
I hope my little dress is going to be ok. I wonder if anywhere states that a dress has to be of a certain length or something? I know that the blokes must be in trousers tonight rather than jeans, but I never gave that a thought. Oh well, it's not that short anyway!! Party on...!