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Saturday, 30 May 2009

It's a beautiful day!

And boy isn't it blinking beautiful.

The sun is shining the skies are blue and I am trying my 100% best to entertain myself, keep myself and busy and pretend that it is tipping down with rain - but it just isn't working. How can I possibly convince myself it is dismal outside when everyone that is walking through the office doors today are wearing Dolce and Gabanna shades, bright blue flip flops and have a casual jumper tied around their necks to look really hip, cool and summery.
Hmm, I am not jealous at all.

Tomorrow, I am happy to announce with one big fat smile on my face that it is going to be a scorcher standing at 23 degrees and I will be catching the rays all day.

So recently my little home County of Pembrokeshire has had some attention paid to one of it's beautiful quaint villages for a very special reason. It has hit the Welsh news of late that pretty place, Solva has been left a staggering amount of money in the region of £400,000 from a 90 year old widow as a thank you for the welcome she had received once she had retired to the area.

Isn't that an extremely sweet, generous and thoughtful gesture? Seriously that there just makes me smile. My grin grew incredibly after also reading that Margaret left a sum of £3,000 to whoever agreed to looking after her ginger tom Brutus to save him being destroyed or going into a cattery. Now that is my kind of heartfelt woman. Thank you Margaret for reassuring me that genuine kindness still lives on amongst us in Pembrokeshire.

Don't all you cherubs forget good old Father's Day now on Sunday June 21st! For fantastic unique gift ideas as an alternative to socks look no further than old reliables Activity Wales - give us a call: 01437 766 888 or surf the site...

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sore Toes Big Smile...

I did it. Wondering what I've done?

The Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk on Sunday 17th May - aren't you just so proud?! It has taken me until now to recover and sit down long enough (without my legs aching) to post an entry to you all...unfortunately though mum didn't make it.

After a few weeks on sick leave with a poorly back and then catching the FLU when her leave was just about to come to an end, mum didn't really feel it appropriate to then go ahead and walk 26 miles and jump with joy (if she still had the energy) when she reached the finish line! Going back to the FLU for a sec, I did say that she should have notified the Doctor's surgery that she had flu like symptoms and watch them all panic and put our house under quarantine! We had a giggle and then became mature again.

So, mum found herself playing taxi instead at 5 o'clock in the morning and packing the scrummy picnic for when her old faithful hubbie and daughter returned sore and aching after a morning stroll. God it rained though...the rain was lashing against my so-called waterproof jacket - god they are a con, you have to fork out hundreds to get a decent one I'm sure and the constant wind blowing a gale didn't help matters! Though in saying that it did come in handy, as when you were attacked by the then stopped and you were blow dried by the wind.

As we were walking graciously along dad pipes up noting that the heel of his left foot was starting to hurt, so we take a rest stop and off comes the shoe and sopping sock - absolutely soaking! Not much seems to be happening with the foot so on pops the shoe and sock and away we go. Haha, oh little did we know...

7 hours later we arrive at our destination which looked as though it was surrounded by a beaming bright golden cloud, or so it appeared through our worshiping glare, we were so happy to see Cresselly Cricket Club it felt blinking terrific! I thought mum was taking the mickey when she asked dad and I to walk back to the finish line to have a photo...oh how wrong was I, as if we hadn't walked enough we then had to then retrace our last few steps to fake a smile and look as though we were feeling on top of the world after a 26 mile 'stroll'!

And the fun just didn't stop come the shoes and socks and dad revealing his corns and bunions (only joking) and reveals something rather nasty.

Dad had complained that the heel on his right foot had been hurting - correct?

Hmm, well he failed to mention that the underneath of his left foot had rapidly begun to peel away. He didn't feel the need to let me know this as he felt that if he had removed his shoe and sock off his left foot instead of his right that he would have been so repulsed by the sight that he wouldn't have possibly been able to carry on any further. He most definitely made the right decision to keep stum.

You know when I sock gets wet and sometimes gathers at your toes in one big clump? Well that's what my dads skin had managed to do. All skin clumped together revealing complete bare raw and bleeding skin on the underneath of his foot - Urggh. Being a postman walking around 13 miles a day, he thought it best to leave off work for a few days and stand in a bowl of salt water instead - I think again he made the right decision!
I am glad we did it though and think that I could well be (along with mum) in the queue for next year!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Can anyone hear that trumpet, or is it just me?!

Afternoon all...I don't know about you, but I am hearing a rather loud trumpet sound ringing in my ears constantly, it started yesterday morning and I just can't seem to shake it! Thinking on it, trumpet's don't actually ring do they? I suppose they just trump...

Ok, I am sorry but all this trumpet malarky is just a bit too much and I must pack it in really as you lot haven't got a clue what I am banging on about. Excuse me for my ignorance, but I will now let you all in on a small secret, I've been told I must.
Yesterday was a glorious day for me, though I do think I generally feel that every day is glorious and new, but Monday 11th May was just simply extra glorious.
I am now to share a letter with you, which you can choose to read if you really want to, or you can just skip and move on and discover another website to entertain you when you are supposed to be working! Let me clear my throat and begin...

Dear Activity Wales,
I felt the need to write in and congratulate you and thank you for your help and advice.
I've now booked my activities with you and have dealt with Natalie throughout. Her patience and advice and cheerful attitude has been brilliant. She is a real credit to you.
I'll certainly be telling everyone about it - please pass on my compliments to her!
We're now looking forward to our summer activity holiday. Cheers! Mark Leader.

I've now hit the exact same predicament that I found myself in after reading this yesterday morning for the first time. I have nothing to say! Well I do, I just don't really know what to say...enjoy this moment guys, it doesn't happen very often!

I am extremely overjoyed that Mark took the time to write to Activity Wales and comment as he did, it certainly brightened up my day and I am sure his kind words will continue to do so for a very long time! Thank you Mark!

P.S I am still smiling....

Friday, 1 May 2009

Pembrokeshire Wizardry and Medieval Mischief

By golly will Pembrokeshire well and truly be marked with one massive, big red flag after proudly playing host to not one, but TWO massive movie blockbusters! The pride of being a Pembrokeshire dragon born and bred has never been so roaring until recent confirmation that our Pembrokeshire coast will definitely turn proud anchor to both the new Harry Potter movie and the Robin Hood epic. Spiffing!

I always knew that Freshwater West beach was one of Pembrokeshire's greatest sandy retreats, with soft chunky sand dunes, bright blue seas and intriguing rock pools, so I feel very glad that the fabulous coastal setting has finally been given such honorable recognition with the bay featuring as the magnificent surroundings for ''Shell Cottage'' in the new movie, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' which will help bring much loved characters handsome Harry, Ron and Hermione to life in Pembrokeshire. Filming awakens between 11th and 15th May.