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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year Frolics

Radio One are dubbing it the Crimbo Limbo, we are officially within the lull between Christmas and New Year.
I am more of a Christmas fan to be honest, the pretty lights, presents and all the Maynard's Wine Gums you can eat. I actually nearly made myself sick the other night I had eaten so many. The trouble is, people will buy me a box. So, when I am sat on the sofa face to face with 600g to demolish, I just don't seem to know when to stop. It's not until I go to get up that I feel my stomach starting to burst at the seams!
New Year's Eve to me is a little too hectic. Don't get me wrong I like a drink as much as the next person, but I almost prefer the 'family' time of New Year's Day, a few nibbles and 'quiet' drinks around town. I think this year we may head down to Saundersfoot and watch the New Year's Day swim. I would like to say that I am brave enough to attempt the freezing dip myself one year but I wouldn't want to fib. Fair play to anyone that goes for either the Boxing Day swim in Tenby or the New Year's Day in Saundersfoot, you must be flipping freezing to say the least! I remember one year, the beach was packed down in Tenby and next minute, along waddles a recycled youngster wearing that awful green Borat swimsuit. Need I say anymore?!
Do you know what always makes me smile on Boxing Day? You can tell what everyone has had for Christmas. It's true, I know I've done it! The new hat and scarf sets come out, the new bags, coats and shoes. This year, I am guilty of the hat and scarf set. I am just waiting for the year everyone turns up in their new pj's. Come on, they are a must have for Christmas aren't they?!

I was back to work yesterday and boy is it hard to get back into the swing of things! I did not have a clue what day it was, but I guess it doesn't take long to become human again and figure how to type your name. Isn't it funny that when you go back to the office and you haven't seen everyone for a few days that out comes the same question at exactly the same time, 'How was your Christmas?' And you have a little giggle and respond, 'Very good thank you.' Sweet really isn't it. Well in a few days it will be a 'Happy New Year'.

'See you in 2010'

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Party Party Party Time...!

I know, I'm sorry. I haven't wrote to you adrenalin junkie lot for ages. I have been busy though you know.
Well with all my massive apologies out of the way let's get rid of the boring gloom and think tinsel, chocolates, flashing lights and nut roast. Ok, for you 'grrrrr' hearty meat eaters you may prefer to think poor old gobble, gobble turkey instead of the nut roast. If you must.
Tonight is the night where the office uniform is stripped, party frocks start spinning and the one unfortunate someone is left slumped in the corner having drank a little too much wine! I am hoping that this year won't be my turn...
I do love a good old party, but I love it even more when the people that you work with everyday get the opportunity to relax and have a few drinks together outside of the office. It really does create a fantastic buzz between everybody and gives us something to have a laugh about for weeks after.
I am getting a little excited's lunchtime, which means the morning has well and truly passed, meaning that 16.00 is only now going to get closer.
I hope my little dress is going to be ok. I wonder if anywhere states that a dress has to be of a certain length or something? I know that the blokes must be in trousers tonight rather than jeans, but I never gave that a thought. Oh well, it's not that short anyway!! Party on...!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Battlefield LIVE! No not Jordin Sparks...

It isn't a terrific day in Pembrokeshire today, raining and pouring like crazy. A little grey and glum.

I was lying there this morning waiting for my 'House of Pain' alarm to go off in a strange little daze listening to the patter of the raindrops against the velux windows. I felt as though I wasn't awake and away dreaming, but then as if I was awake. Does that makes any sense? It was a weird sensation that doesn't happen a lot, but when it does it makes me wonder. I am like away in the land of fairies in my mind but in the present day in body. Wow, I seem to be getting a little metaphoric. Nothing wrong with being a little arty farty I suppose.

So here I am again babbling about absolutely nothing and yes, I can only apologise. In thinking, my writing to you lately has been a little scarce, so I think I should make an effort to apologise quickly for that at the same time too. Sorry.

It's Halloween soon. I best get the sweets in for the treaters. Actually, I best not got them this soon as I will only end up eating them all. Haha, I went to Tesco the other day and have started picking up the odd bits and bobs for the kids stockings, some of which being tubes of Fruit Pastilles and Jelly Tots. I had to drop them round to Mum's on the way home to keep them safe for me as I simply have NO faith in my will power whatsoever. Honestly, I could demolish a packet of Haribo in the first half of Eastenders easy. It's a bit of a terrible habit actually. Though I always make sure I give my teeth a good brush afterwards.
So back on to my reason for typing. If you have visited Pembrokeshire before, have you come across Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire?

Battlefield Live Pembrokeshire has recently won the Pembrokeshire Tourism's 2009 award for 'Exciting New Business/Owner sponsored by Positive IT. How wicked is that?! So what is it...

Battlefield LIVE is not paintball. It doesn't hurt by using the latest infra-red shooting technology!

You will be over the moon to hear that there is no pain or bruising, making it ideal for the ladies of the gang or the moose dressed as a 'man' to have some fun in the Pembrokeshire countryside.

Battlefield Combat games are perfect to help celebrate those ultimate party days, whether for a birthday, stag, hen, club/society or corporate team building days.

Prior booking here is essential and through Activity Wales we can arrange all of your booking in advance. If you appear to have a smaller group interested then no worries, we can get you joined in with other gamers too.

For further information, session times and prices then feel free to give us a shout on 01437 766 888. Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nobody puts Baby in the corner...

I think I may watch Dirty Dancing tonight. It's one of those films where you go day by day, night by night and then one day remember that you have the DVD and it's been months since you watched it last. You then snuggle up under the duvet with a packet of Haribo and it all becomes clear why you love the film soooo flipping much.
It is though such a shame that the reason why I have been prompt to watch it again tonight is because Patrick sadly lost his 2 year battle against cancer yesterday. He really did hit it big with Dirty Dancing in '87 didn't he? What a man with movement!
Wedding plans are looking promising and already I can see how easy it is to spend a grand or two! I have had to pick Dad up off the floor a few times and that's before buying the dress. I am sure though that it will all be worth it and help to make Christmas 2010 one to remember. I am hoping for one of those crisp, sunny mornings with a bite in the air and wouldn't mind one bit if a blanket of snow appeared on cue either!
Back at Activity Wales HQ preparations are arising ready for the release of this years Christmas Gift Voucher batch, full of many experiences to suit every kind of kid. I know it's September but Christmas will come and bite you in the bum if your not careful! And anyway what is wrong with being prepared?
I do sometimes wonder whether it is worth now listing a few examples of activities on offer but I don't want to be seen as just randomly 'selecting' a few when it is so easy to do a search from the homepage. Everything within the drop down can be booked as an Experience Day Gift Voucher and will be posted out complete with presentation box and free drawstring sports bag too. What a thoughtful pressie to sit underneath the Christmas tree! All you need to do is tie the bow...

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Just a Little Run Around the World...

Isn't it scary how the months pass, the season's forever seem to be changing and the Summer has passed for another year?

I hate it when a day ends. I always feel as though I should have done more. I suppose sometimes it's pure laziness if I don't end up doing a lot or... yeah actually it is just being lazy. The Bank Holiday for me was pretty chilled, but I wanted it that way. Saturday Mart and I bought a cute sofa for the new pad, dinner at Frankie and Bennie's then out celebrating the end of the cricket season. Sunday, haha oh Sunday was a pretty memorable day. Mart was feeling a little ill after the night before, though we did manage to take a look around the Church for our wedding next year and pop for a bite to eat afterwards. I don't think I have ever seen him struggle to drink a beer like that in the whole time we have been together. Thinking on it I should have taken a photo to stick in the album! We ended Sunday with a massive duvet afternoon watching TV. Monday, well Monday was a bit of a strange day. We weren't too sure what we actually wanted to do so ended up spending pennies in Tesco. Spent the afternoon wandering around Tenby having a drink or two and getting a pressie for mum and dad.
I bought them a copy of the extraordinary true story of Rosie Swale Pope. Rosie amazingly took a 'Little Run Around the World' for 5 years, tackling 3 packs of wolves and 53 pairs of shoes in memory of her husband who died of cancer. Rosie funded her trip from the rent of her little cottage Salad Days in Tenby, let through Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire.
Rosie herself lives in the popular seaside town of Tenby and yesterday was partaking in a book signing at Tenby Bookshop. Spotting a terrific oppurtunity I popped along, said hello and got a signature for mum and dad. Sorted.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Where is the summer sunshine? Never mind...

I don't know. I can't find the sunshine for love nor money. It is such a shame that Mr Sun doesn't have the enthusiasm these days to show his bright cheerful face, I miss him and miss getting a nice bronze suntan - how shallow does that sound?!
Seriously, I know that we are all a bit down in the smelly dumps because it hasn't started out as being the most terrific summer of all time, but things can't be that bad that we have to sit around mopping about a 'little' bit of rain. Are they?
Let's just forget about being miserable with the rubbish weather and all get busy with celebrating the fact that I am now a massive 21 years of wise age and I am now officially ENGAGED...I know what your thinking, poor guy.
I would love to tell you all that he was sozzled when he popped the question and then woke up the following morning with a thumping headache with that horrible feeling of 'Oh what have I done?', but he wasn't and didn't actually. Mart had threw back around 4 double vodka, lime and lemonade, 2 cherry aftershock followed by a yard of ale, but I wouldn't call that sozzled at all.
Only joking. What a joker I am. It was rather romantic, I went all funny and gooey. We are moving into a little stone cottage next week too. Oh god it has just dawned on me that I will have to clean the toilet. Maybe if I do the ironing Mart will take over that disgu-um, marvellous chore.
So that is what is happening in Natty land.
The old Whale and Dolphin trip going from St Justinian's is extremely popular you know. I'm not sure why I just thought of that but just though I would comment. Obviously it can't be guaranteed that the wildlife will be right on cue when you are sailing past but it is completely worth parting with a few well-earned pennies. If you are planning a visit to Pembrokeshire soon I would go for it. Give me a shout if you need any further info.
I am going for food tonight at The Bay Tree in Tenby. Gorgeous food, really tasty. I tend to go for the broccoli and something crepes. It is to celebrate my engagement - did I tell you that I have got engaged to a 'gorgeous stud'? Oh yes, of course I did.
It was really funny yesterday. My mum and dad had arranged for our announcement to be popped into the local paper, really cute photo alongside the wrong flipping name! Ha, they got Mart's surname incorrect. Never mind. At least he knows about the other fella now.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I am a pizza...

Margarita of course. Being a veggie I can seem to stretch as far as say maybe onions and fresh tomatoes as a few added extras, but say NO to yukky peppers, olives and mushrooms. Urggh.

I am feeling as though I need a little adventure or 'challenge' for the like of a better word. After having trained and completed the Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk back in May, (the whole 26 miles I would just like to pop in brackets), I feel as though I am now recovered and ready to grab something else right by the horns! Any ideas?! I mean seriously, I guess I do entertain myself to a fair degree with the horse riding, wakeboarding and general dog walking day to day, but I do just fancy that little bit of something else you know? I'm not a great runner, but I can run - if you know what I mean. Better at the long distance, you know 'full hog' rather than the sprinting, wham bam thank you mam type event. Enjoy walking, can ride horses and pretty damn keen on your water sports and have done a spot (just a spot) of snowboarding before now too. Pretty adaptable I like to think. I shall lie in wait of your exciting propositions!

So it is the weekend again then. Where are these weeks flying to? I used to love that feeling of the last day at school, six weeks of pure summer fun for all. Enjoy guys!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Chomping through July...

Just where does the time fly? It is my 21st birthday soon. Please feel free to bombard me with messages of congrats and happy, happy birthday's on Thursday 30th July!
It is amazing when you have a mooch around a few quotations, you know for a little bit of inspiration and topical find for the bloggers among us, how much they are neatly put 'together' expressing an individual persons opinion. Something so simple within a sentence can be loaded with that persons thought about that 'subject'. Does that make any sense?! I know what I am trying to say, yet it does often appear to not always come out they way I am wanting it to. Anyway, that is the topic. Discuss!
So as I am sure you can imagine, things here with Activity Wales at the moment are about all you adventure peeps booking up your summer activities. I do not blame you at all. There is just so much out there to choose from, whether it is something that you do every year...say like Surfing to whether it is a completely new experience that you want to grab by the horns and give it all you've got. Sky diving or Coasteering perhaps? Coasteering is a blast fair play - everything you weren't supposed to do as a little kiddie winkle. How can that not be fun?! Um, I'm thinking aloud now of what else that I can tempt you disguised activity lunitics with. I could just list them all for you really. That way I can also drop in a few links to the relevant pages on the website couldn't I?! Gorge Walking, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Caving, JCB Driving, White Water Rafting, Circus Skills, Horse riding and say Tank driving? See, I've earnt my pennies for the day in one short sentence! Have a good day guys, keep those summer smiles beaming!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Rain rain go away. Come back another day...

Just when the boat is fixed the heavens open. Oh, I didn't tell you about that did I. Well here's a story...

Father's Day beckons and I had failed to find anything that I wanted to buy my Dad. That is apart from one of those hilarious cards that seem funny at the time of buying, but never seem as funny as they once had appeared when the person actually opens it. So hail a day full of 'Oh what to do'.

A bright light sparks and it is then and there arranged to head out onto the Estuary taking my Dad and Mart's Dad (along with the Mother's of course) for a spot of lunch down to Lawrenny Arms. Don't be so silly. How can something so incredibly simple turn into a pure disaster?

So there we are all smiles and glee, bobbing along the channel choking on a horrific cloud of black smoke appearing from the engine. Fair play though the oil seeping into the water presented us with a marvellous display of all the colours of the rainbow. Hmm, that's not meant to happen.

Turns out the turbo was burning the oil instead of using it?! I say that line with a little caution as it actually means nothing to me and so I am not 100% whether it is complete rubbish or not. But whatever the diagnosis our lunch date was cut short and we had to drive around instead.

So that is what I mean by my opening line. Typical!

I can't believe Jacko is dead. It is the first ever time that I have heard Chris Moyles speaking with such sincerity in his voice and genuine emotion on his Radion One breakfast show. Well done Moylesy you did well that morning. That is all my comment really. I can't think of much else to say without stating the obvious that every person in this world already knows...

He is and always will be THE King of Pop.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Russell Crowe Actually Eats!

Well you will never guess. The man himself Mr Russell Crowe descended on The Carew Inn last night whilst he is down in our beautiful Pembrokeshire filming the new Robyn Hood epic! After the initial OH MY GOD, I got to's not really that unusual for him to be eating and drinking on his day off really is it? Well that's all I seem to do anyway - only difference being I wouldn't be seen footing a bill for £450 (that is only if I wasn't paying mind!)...

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Oh yes they were absolutely amazing, simple as. I tell you something though, that Liam is one man gone bonkers - he is so eccentric it is actually quite hard to believe. For most of the evening he stood dressed in his long, green anorak (I know you would never have thought he was a millionaire or anything) balancing a tambourine on his head and nose. He looked like something out of the Saw movie. And bless old Noel in the background, he seems to be so humble compared to loopy fruit Liam in the front. It is quite funny actually because when Liam sings, Noel is his backing singer and plays the guitar, but then when all attention turns to Noel to bang out a tune poor old Liam has nothing to do. So, off he trots casually walking off the stage disappearing for half an hour leaving Noel to hold the fort. Classic. Noel singing Don't look back in Anger though was something that I will truly never forget - he had a tear in his eye too, very genuine.
And then came the Circus act that was Take That. They really did deliver one superb performance that was highly impressive.
I mean I do like the old stripped stage myself, you know singer/band standing on stage singing live - throwing a few naughty words around the place occasionally, actually playing an instrument with heartfelt emotion, that kind of thing. But I just can't say that I didn't enjoy Take That and their amazing set and show - it was fantastic.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!

Morning, morning and welcome another joyous day. I am very excited. I feel as though I am bubbling up inside and ready to burst like a tin of baked beans in a microwave! Oh, I tell you what I did do once (under the influence of my immature partner) - opened a tin of baked beans, stuck a firework inside and wham, bam thank you mam...baked beans all over my little red Metro's windscreen! Fantastic filming moment...

So yes, going back to the fact that I am very excited. I am only going to see the attitude in trousers otherwise known as the ace, the awesome OASIS tomorrow! Not only do we get those scruffy dudes on a stage nearby, they are throwing both The Enemy and Kasabian into the about rocking the Millennium Stadium, the place will be buzzing! I am trying my best to contain my excitement and not think about it, but why does that always make it worse? The more you don't want to think about it the more you do. And the rock show doesn't end there ladies and gentleman, as next Wednesday the Stadium also presents Barlow and Co touring with their Circus. No wonder I am bouncing around the place.

'Natalie, your not getting paid this month,' Natalie replies: 'Haha, never mind not to worry...I'm still smiling like a Cheshire cat!'

That's all I wanted to tell you really, oh and that I got back in the saddle last night after around 2 years of walking on just the two legs for a change. It really is surprising though how much you still remember about Horse Riding, it's just like riding a bike and being an elephant, or an elephant riding a bike - never forget. I did enjoy myself and wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, so I think I am going to be riding a little grey pony called Whizzard for a little while, you know just whilst I'm still young and all that. Why not...

I have come a cropper off the Wake board twice in the last 2 weeks now too, think I was getting a little bit too clever and head planted the water pretty sharp on both occasions. I have woken up with a sore head and neck for a few days now - but I'll never learn. To be honest, I don't think I'll be able to stand up straight if we headed out tonight, my legs will be shaking too much with all the excitement waiting to burst, so might just go for a beverage instead. Oh the decisions...

Saturday, 30 May 2009

It's a beautiful day!

And boy isn't it blinking beautiful.

The sun is shining the skies are blue and I am trying my 100% best to entertain myself, keep myself and busy and pretend that it is tipping down with rain - but it just isn't working. How can I possibly convince myself it is dismal outside when everyone that is walking through the office doors today are wearing Dolce and Gabanna shades, bright blue flip flops and have a casual jumper tied around their necks to look really hip, cool and summery.
Hmm, I am not jealous at all.

Tomorrow, I am happy to announce with one big fat smile on my face that it is going to be a scorcher standing at 23 degrees and I will be catching the rays all day.

So recently my little home County of Pembrokeshire has had some attention paid to one of it's beautiful quaint villages for a very special reason. It has hit the Welsh news of late that pretty place, Solva has been left a staggering amount of money in the region of £400,000 from a 90 year old widow as a thank you for the welcome she had received once she had retired to the area.

Isn't that an extremely sweet, generous and thoughtful gesture? Seriously that there just makes me smile. My grin grew incredibly after also reading that Margaret left a sum of £3,000 to whoever agreed to looking after her ginger tom Brutus to save him being destroyed or going into a cattery. Now that is my kind of heartfelt woman. Thank you Margaret for reassuring me that genuine kindness still lives on amongst us in Pembrokeshire.

Don't all you cherubs forget good old Father's Day now on Sunday June 21st! For fantastic unique gift ideas as an alternative to socks look no further than old reliables Activity Wales - give us a call: 01437 766 888 or surf the site...

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sore Toes Big Smile...

I did it. Wondering what I've done?

The Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk on Sunday 17th May - aren't you just so proud?! It has taken me until now to recover and sit down long enough (without my legs aching) to post an entry to you all...unfortunately though mum didn't make it.

After a few weeks on sick leave with a poorly back and then catching the FLU when her leave was just about to come to an end, mum didn't really feel it appropriate to then go ahead and walk 26 miles and jump with joy (if she still had the energy) when she reached the finish line! Going back to the FLU for a sec, I did say that she should have notified the Doctor's surgery that she had flu like symptoms and watch them all panic and put our house under quarantine! We had a giggle and then became mature again.

So, mum found herself playing taxi instead at 5 o'clock in the morning and packing the scrummy picnic for when her old faithful hubbie and daughter returned sore and aching after a morning stroll. God it rained though...the rain was lashing against my so-called waterproof jacket - god they are a con, you have to fork out hundreds to get a decent one I'm sure and the constant wind blowing a gale didn't help matters! Though in saying that it did come in handy, as when you were attacked by the then stopped and you were blow dried by the wind.

As we were walking graciously along dad pipes up noting that the heel of his left foot was starting to hurt, so we take a rest stop and off comes the shoe and sopping sock - absolutely soaking! Not much seems to be happening with the foot so on pops the shoe and sock and away we go. Haha, oh little did we know...

7 hours later we arrive at our destination which looked as though it was surrounded by a beaming bright golden cloud, or so it appeared through our worshiping glare, we were so happy to see Cresselly Cricket Club it felt blinking terrific! I thought mum was taking the mickey when she asked dad and I to walk back to the finish line to have a photo...oh how wrong was I, as if we hadn't walked enough we then had to then retrace our last few steps to fake a smile and look as though we were feeling on top of the world after a 26 mile 'stroll'!

And the fun just didn't stop come the shoes and socks and dad revealing his corns and bunions (only joking) and reveals something rather nasty.

Dad had complained that the heel on his right foot had been hurting - correct?

Hmm, well he failed to mention that the underneath of his left foot had rapidly begun to peel away. He didn't feel the need to let me know this as he felt that if he had removed his shoe and sock off his left foot instead of his right that he would have been so repulsed by the sight that he wouldn't have possibly been able to carry on any further. He most definitely made the right decision to keep stum.

You know when I sock gets wet and sometimes gathers at your toes in one big clump? Well that's what my dads skin had managed to do. All skin clumped together revealing complete bare raw and bleeding skin on the underneath of his foot - Urggh. Being a postman walking around 13 miles a day, he thought it best to leave off work for a few days and stand in a bowl of salt water instead - I think again he made the right decision!
I am glad we did it though and think that I could well be (along with mum) in the queue for next year!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Can anyone hear that trumpet, or is it just me?!

Afternoon all...I don't know about you, but I am hearing a rather loud trumpet sound ringing in my ears constantly, it started yesterday morning and I just can't seem to shake it! Thinking on it, trumpet's don't actually ring do they? I suppose they just trump...

Ok, I am sorry but all this trumpet malarky is just a bit too much and I must pack it in really as you lot haven't got a clue what I am banging on about. Excuse me for my ignorance, but I will now let you all in on a small secret, I've been told I must.
Yesterday was a glorious day for me, though I do think I generally feel that every day is glorious and new, but Monday 11th May was just simply extra glorious.
I am now to share a letter with you, which you can choose to read if you really want to, or you can just skip and move on and discover another website to entertain you when you are supposed to be working! Let me clear my throat and begin...

Dear Activity Wales,
I felt the need to write in and congratulate you and thank you for your help and advice.
I've now booked my activities with you and have dealt with Natalie throughout. Her patience and advice and cheerful attitude has been brilliant. She is a real credit to you.
I'll certainly be telling everyone about it - please pass on my compliments to her!
We're now looking forward to our summer activity holiday. Cheers! Mark Leader.

I've now hit the exact same predicament that I found myself in after reading this yesterday morning for the first time. I have nothing to say! Well I do, I just don't really know what to say...enjoy this moment guys, it doesn't happen very often!

I am extremely overjoyed that Mark took the time to write to Activity Wales and comment as he did, it certainly brightened up my day and I am sure his kind words will continue to do so for a very long time! Thank you Mark!

P.S I am still smiling....

Friday, 1 May 2009

Pembrokeshire Wizardry and Medieval Mischief

By golly will Pembrokeshire well and truly be marked with one massive, big red flag after proudly playing host to not one, but TWO massive movie blockbusters! The pride of being a Pembrokeshire dragon born and bred has never been so roaring until recent confirmation that our Pembrokeshire coast will definitely turn proud anchor to both the new Harry Potter movie and the Robin Hood epic. Spiffing!

I always knew that Freshwater West beach was one of Pembrokeshire's greatest sandy retreats, with soft chunky sand dunes, bright blue seas and intriguing rock pools, so I feel very glad that the fabulous coastal setting has finally been given such honorable recognition with the bay featuring as the magnificent surroundings for ''Shell Cottage'' in the new movie, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' which will help bring much loved characters handsome Harry, Ron and Hermione to life in Pembrokeshire. Filming awakens between 11th and 15th May.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Just a little Hello really...

Feels like I haven't been in touch for a little while now, in truth the Easter break bookings had my undivided attention and so I'm afraid that you lot got shifted to the back seat. I do like being a busy little bee though, it makes you feel like you have achieved something with your day you know, served a purpose type of thing.

Gosh I am sleeping lately though, I think it may have something to do with my intense training for the Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk in May. Every Saturday and Sunday, no time for a lie in as I jump with joy out of my warm, cosy bed at 7 on the dot...wash, change, breakfast out of the door with my pooch by half past! I am up to walking around 18 miles twice a week at the moment with the odd 6 thrown in during the middle of the week, though I am thinking that I need to start increasing that slightly now by an extra few miles. I am walking 26 miles on Sunday 17th May and so I don't think I am doing to badly really, though I am getting a little bit worried about mum though. My mum is the reason I am doing it in a way, thought I would keep her company whilst out walking and things you know, however she is having a little trouble with her back recently which is preventing her from training. Hopefully all should be better by the weekend perhaps, so next week we can get cracking. I do highly recommend walking as a cheap, enjoyable and strangely relaxing activity, that to me would beat slogging in the gym any day!

Well what terrific weather shone on the UK over Easter, wasn't it glorious?! My freckles burst with energy as the rays beamed down and finally I have collected a little colour on my cheeks! First time for us in the water this year too over the weekend just passed. The trouble is though, because the boat goes into hibernation out of the way of the winter chill, you try to jam pack as much Wake boarding into the summer months as you can to get you looking as though you know what you are doing. But by the time you trudge through the winter and the spring knocks on the door again you have forgotten how to stand up! Ok, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but not by much!

To me personally, I think that getting on your cossie and plunging into the depths is a fantastic feeling, I do appreciate that wonderful water doesn't appeal to everyone though, but for those that are keen on getting to grips with water sports, I pledge that you should really get your adrenalin juices flowing this season. Coasteering has got to be on the top of your list, action packed and suitable for all ages and abilities, exploring the crooks and crannies of the limestone cliffs and taking the leap into the blue waters below. Kite surfing is another top class sport combining the thrill of the wash and determined control of the kite, this is a popular sport gradually sweeping our beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast.

I really do hope that this marvellous weather continues well into the summer, I was informed actually by Gemma who works with Activity Wales in our South County office in Tenby, that if the birds nests are high in the branches then we are heading for some rather warm weather - so I find myself now studying each tree to see whats occurring! Not so good if the cows are lying down though...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pembrokeshire's Getting Fishy...

Calling all fish heads to Pembrokeshire between June 27th and July 5th as roll in the waves for the fishing frolic sweeping our County for lots of fishing fun as part of Pembrokeshire Fish Week! Celebrating their 10th birthday this year we are assured that this bonanza will be as much, if not more of a success than the previous year where by 20,000 fish-lovers were attracted in 2008. It is by far the plaice (see what I did there!) to be this summer...!
Pembrokeshire Fish Week aims to get your tackle in a twist and worship our truly terrific beaches, bright blue seas, superb seafood and appreciate our stunning, unspoilt coastline all combined in one big fat brimming package. The week will be bundled with a load of fishy fun and games for all the food loving family, from gourmet seafood evenings to fresh mackerel will not want to miss this tempting catch!

Activity Wales have joined forces this year with TYF Adventure to offer one marvellously marine Eco Fishing Adventure where you will be under the superb guidance of your TYF qualified instructor to learn the necessary skills to Kayak and Fish all in one structured afternoon session. All your needed equipment will be provided, though please don't forget to pack your speedo's, towel and one big healthy appetite to polish off your fresh barbecued catch at the end of your delightful day.

For further information in regards to our Fish Week - Eco-Fishing Adventure then please click here or speak to a human with a large orange fish head on 01437 765 777...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Big Well Done Black Mountain Activities...Read On

We love it when our clients enjoy their activities, it makes us feel so proud of the job we are doing and even happier that people have a riot and fantastic memories to treasure from their experience too. I am delighted to have recently received the following fantastic comments from two ladies that recently visited Black Mountain Activities in the Brecon Beacons and wanted to share them with the world wide web:

''Hi Guys, Becca and myself were with you this weekend. Canyoning and Climbing. We had an absolutely fantastic time. The areas we visited were beautiful but most of all your guides Bonny and Dewie, both were very knowledgeable and a total credit to the company. So thank you. I was just wondering - photo's mmmmm now I know some of these are going to be rather 'awful' but Becca and I would love to have them. Would it be possible to forward to the above email address shortly so we have some fab memories. Again guys - we had a great time, we have told the hotel about you, and upon our next trip to Wales will definitely be giving you a call. Thank you''. Vikki and Becca

Black Mountain Activities offer such a wide range of activities to suit all ages, abilities and budgets. If you would like to have a chat and discuss your activity options, availability and pricing then please give us a call on 01437 766 888 and we would be more than happy to help...

Friday, 6 March 2009

Marvellous Mother and Giant Easter Bunnies...

Oh my golly gosh have you heard that The Michael (slightly weird) Jackson is back in town?! ''Hee-Hee, Ooo! Go on girl, Aaow, Hee! Hey pretty baby with the high heels on...'' Come on you know the words! Jacko here I come...

I think it is about time that some clever toffee nose invented a 'Darling Daughter Day' where by the many around shower her with gifts of Frankincense and Mere. Either that or Jordan's, (oops sorry that is meant to be the innocent Katie Price) latest fragrance, 'I'm Terrific' with an overpowering scent of more money. I know let me pull my claws in, I'm only jealous.

I suppose us daughter's shouldn't complain, last night being a prime example. My dinner of fat free Super Noodles (Sweet Thai Chili) just didn't make my mouth water so much so that I dribbled a little or filled the dark empty hole I like to call a stomach, and so the food police start ringing. At the moment I am loving the odd Fajita, packed with crispy, fresh salad, grated cheese and hot, spicy salsa and so being in the dilemma I was in yesterday this would be the perfect fix.
'Yes Natalie' mum replied.
'Have we yummy food at home to make Fajitas?'
'Hmm, no I don't think so. Why?
'Well I quite fancy them for tea tonight.' (I hinted).
'Oh do you now?! I'll pop to Tesco and pick up some things up then shall I?'
'Well, only if you don't mind...'

What a darl hey?! And that is the reason (not the only one mind) why my mum deserves a day off from ironing my work shirts, washing my socks, polishing my room, hoovering my carpets, cooking my tea, picking me up from the pub...

Fear not friends I am ONLY JOKING! I 'll give mum at least 2 days rest...
I bet some of you reading this have not really a clue of when Mothering Sunday is have you? What a disgrace. We all know it is Saturday 21st March, pull yourself together people and get organized! You can even let us help you.

Click HELP! for all our marvellous Mother's Day Gift ideas from seeing your mummy play soldier for the day Tank Driving or to take a leap with a Tandem Sky Dive. Come on, let us make her smile (or tremble in her boots!)...
Moving on...I have always wondered why as it approaches Easter I always seem to dream of bunnies. Apparently, as I divulge into my fountain of knowledge, it can be down to a number of different is just the one. I have chosen all the positive explanations so I don't look stupid. But if you do have a problem seek medical advice, Rabbits can be scary little furries!:

''Rabbits are known for their speed and agility. They are quick thinkers who allow intuition to guide their feet as to the best route possible to escape danger.''
Anyway, 'Happy Easter All' avoid the bunnies and enjoy your mountains of chocolate eggs and get fat!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snowing in Switzerland...

Unfortunately no, I am not tucked away in the snowy mountains wearing nothing but my goggles, thermals and my bright blue woolly hat...but I know some lucky b..person who is. Oli 'Everest' Tuggey who is a pirate with Big Blue Kite surfing, is taking a break from the wild waters of Newgale to instruct a number of dare devils Snow Kiting on the snowy white pistes of Switzerland.

I headed off to Andorra last February but were a tad unfortunate with the snow fall, by the end of our stay the majority of the snow had turned to nasty icy ice. Typically, pretty much as soon as we left you can imagine what happened. Nothing but consistent snow fall covering the mountains in one big cuddly blanket of snow. From reading the 'Big Blue Experience Blog' it seems that the drifts on the side of the road with them are reaching clumps of 15ft, so I think that is kind of satisfactory don't you think?

Aside from enjoying the snow during the winter, Oli and the big Blue Team are busy bees teaching a number of people to Kite Surf, Kite Board, Wake Board, Paddle Board, Power Kite and charge along the shores on a bright yellow Zap Cat. Fancy your chances?!

As I mentioned the Wake Board in the middle of that sentence, I suddenly turned my thoughts to when Mart and I are going to get our boat out of the shed, give it a sprinkle of clean, shiny stuff and hit the Cleddau waters. I cannot wait, it is officially the season...soon! How so very exciting, early morning boarding, late night boarding, all day boarding, it is such a blast. Actually, I set you all a challenge there...get your wetsuit out of the cupboard, dust off the cob webs and let's get boarding! You seriously will regret nothing...

So back to the Everest, I sure you all are anyway, but keep enjoying your time in Switzerland and we shall welcome you back with typical Pembrokeshire weather of grey skies, heavy raindrops but bright blue seas and plentiful jellyfish...See you in April!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Big Hearts and Massive Kisses

After having scrambled through the long winded month we like to call January, full of empty pockets, dark mornings and the thought of having to wait ages for the next Christmas get together with friends and family, the thought of February makes me smile.

Nope, it's not my birthday, my wedding, neither am I having a baby or packing my bags to go to a warm, sunny country on holiday. It is a lot more simple than that guys, I love the loving feeling of Valentine's Day and the 'full' feeling after eating a mountain of pancakes sprinkled in lemon juice, raisins and sugar. I know that has probably sparked a thought in your head to when Pancake Day is upon this year, Shrove Tuesday. Only joking, Tuesday 24th February 2009.

Just to mention quickly, I haven't done a step of training to gear me up for my marathon walk as yet, as far as I can walk is from the car to the chippie. Large chips, buttered roll and a cheese and onion pasty. I have bought a brand new pair of walking trainers though, they just haven't yet made it out of the box! They look so clean...

Anyway, what are you and your loved one doing this Valentine's? Same old 'traditional' evening meal on the menu? Actually, in thinking about this I can imagine that the whole of Wales will be glued to their TV screens next Saturday won't they? I for one will be with Martin sat right next to me, beer in hand! It's Wales beating England in the Six Nations silly. I don't know you just can't help some people can you!

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi, Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri...

Okay, so maybe a lot of us aren't reverting to the old tradition of a meal and few drinks and opting for an afternoon of rugby instead, but if you are up for exciting ideas of how to spend your 'special' day or weekend, then look no further. As a free booking agent for a number of activities, attractions and accommodation throughout Wales I have so many inspirational ideas to give you!

  • Tackle the racing rapids with a chilly session of White Water Rafting

  • Plunge from the clouds like a bird and show your partner how your bones are made of steel with an exhilarating Sky Dive

  • Experience the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast together with only your Pleasure Flight pilot to catch you smooching or

  • Tackle the rough countryside terrain, riding the bumps in the saddle of your Quad bike.

Those are simply the four activities that I could think of catchy descriptions for this afternoon. But as you can imagine we have so much more to tempt you! From Horse Riding to Kite Surfing, Paint balling to Tank Driving we have everything you could think of in between,. So give us a call and let our Activity Wales Team do all the hard work for you and make your 2009 Valentine's something to remember into 2010 and beyond!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Dawn Walk

A few days ago I set a challenge to myself to join my mum and dad in partaking in the Dawn Walk, Pembrokeshire to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research. A couple of days on and I am beginning to wonder whether training for a 26 mile walk is a little too adventurous!

I used (and I stress that word greatly) to be a relatively fit kind of person, riding two horses pretty much everyday of the week, with the riding came the mucking out, carrying the hay bales, the large water buckets, walking to the field to round them up and now I do absolutely nothing, diddly squat. So there you have my problem, I cannot begin to imagine where I start to be honest!

Martin (my partner), is being very reluctant in joining us at the moment, I think the damage it would do to his regular drinking schedule is more than my life is worth. So, I am zipping my trap and hoping that when he sees my figure taking shape and my glowing skin (I will hide the rather disgusting foot sores), that he will not think twice about jumping on the wagon and making our team complete.

At this point I would just like to add that if anybody out there has any advice whatsoever about how I begin devising my training session, your knowledge and fine wisdom would be greatly received! In other words don't hold back...!

I was debating whether to let my mum and dad be the brave candidates and take a back seat by joining them half way at the 13 mile point, but I did think that would just be a little bit lazy. If I am going to do this then I might as well go the whole hog, right? You can though take that option if you don't fancy the 26 mile slog, I think either goal is fair play.

The date is set for Sunday 17th May 2009 and will begin at 06.00am sharp. I can't understand why on earth such a time has been invented, but I suppose that is the whole point of the title, 'Dawn Walk' really isn't it, so if you began at say 09.00am you may have to revert to the 'Mid Morning Walk' instead. But let's not get into all that jazz and concentrate on the cause behind sores. See what I did there?!

Macmillan Cancer Support is an outstanding charity that doesn't need any other explanation than what it says on the surface. They provide great support for those who live affected by cancer, along with their families, friends and carers. I would also like just to mention that they have set themselves one mighty impressive mission, in that their primary goal for 2010 is to reach and and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer. Good luck!

When I hear that goal and then turn the attention to my own goal in being able to somehow walk 26 miles in a few months from now, I have to say that my goal does sound a lot more possible than I once thought.

That is why I am going to train hard, drink water and only have a bag of chips once a week and complete that Dawn Walk of 2009! I will most definitely keep you posted during my progression to fit bird!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Business is Ballooning!

I am delighted to be shouting from the rooftops that business is absolutely booming at present an long may it continue right the way through the year! It's great when the phone doesn't stop ringing and you walk through the door at 9 and it feels like 10 minutes later you are walking right back through at 5! Not only does the constant bustle and talking make the day pass right on by, it also let's our team know that we must be doing something right and that is a bigger incentive than most.

I would now like to introduce you to yet another fantastic, exciting and unique operator that we are delighted to have join the crew at Activity Wales, Bailey Balloons. I think you can at this moment begin to imagine just what they offer and if you are thinking Hot Air Ballooning then congratulations, but on the other hand if you thinking bird watching say, then I at this point I would accept defeat as you are absolutely 100% incorrect.

Bailey Balloons are quite frankly brilliant. They offer you a once in a lifetime experience that plain and simply cannot be missed by any man or beast. Now if you are thinking ok, it would be great to go on a balloon ride, full stop. You are wrong. This is more than just a balloon ride people this is one massive, gigantic big deal. You help to prepare all the bits and pieces for take off, find out interesting facts on how the balloon operates and when you're on your way back down safely, crack open the bubbly, enjoy a chilled glass of champers and receive your very own special flight certificate. How about that for class?!

If you are like me then mornings can sometimes, just occasionally come around and slap you in the face leaving you in average mood for around the first couple of hours that day. On the other hand, I do believe that some people embrace the rise of the sun and are able to welcome a brand new day with a gracious, sparkly smile and open arms. If only.

The point that I am making is that Bailey Balloons can offer all you happy, morning people an Early Bird Flight and trust me, you will see the sun rising! I suppose when you think about it though, the morning is a pleasant, peaceful time of the day, when the cows are yawning and the cockerel is squawking funny noises and so I think I would probably make an effort to get out of my cosy bed for this ballooning experience.

For those guys who feel that they prefer the lie in, then fear not as they also have a flight just for you too. We like to call it a 'Hot Air Balloon Experience Flight' with Bailey Balloons. Both flights give the opportunity to really see our beautiful welsh countryside as though you are flying sky high like a bird.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Welcome and Embrace 2009

Here we are having a spent a ridiculous amount of pennies over the Christmas and New Year season wondering whether 2009 will bring tremendous quantities of full-bellied laughter or tears. Let's hope for the sake of everyone around us that it is certainly NOT the latter. Though I suppose we could be talking tears from way too much laughter! I didn't think of that.
Well I just thought that I would entertain you all as there is nothing like starting the New Year with laughter, and plenty of it. Please find to follow a few quotes...

Youth is when you're allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you're forced to.

The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk. This drunkenness culminates on New Year's Eve, when you get so drunk you kiss the person you're married to.

New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.

I have made absolutely no New Year resolutions at all, full stop. Why, because what is the point when I know fine well that I am going to break them. By saying 'I am not going to eat chocolate' makes you think of chocolate and so you will want to eat twice as much than you would have before because you know that it is really naughty and you shouldn't be eating it. Sound Familiar? Actually I have started this New Year by telling you all a fib. I did make one, to get on a four legged beast with large nostrils and a tail. No, not a frog a horse, really I miss horse riding. So yes that is my resolution. I am going to get back up on a horse, I didn't have a bad experience or anything, I used to be pretty good and own 2 of my own, but due to 'growing up' and having to take responsibility for my self and actually get a job meant that I no longer really had much time for them disappointingly. Have you made any? If not I can give you a few to choose from...

I will contact Activity Wales to book my Tandem Sky Diving Slot
I will contact Activity Wales to book my White Water Rafting Experience
I will contact Activity Wales to book my friends and I to 'spot some spooks' (Ghost Hunting!)
I will contact Activity Wales to book me to go and squash a car with a battle tank
I will contact Activity Wales to try my hand at JCB Driving
I will contact Activity Wales learn how to Surf

The list could keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, but I will stop here.

Honestly, how better than to clean your wotsits and 'detox' your insides with a few activities that we can make happen with Activity Wales Ltd. Just pick up the phone and dial. Need the number? 01437 765 777 or 01437 766 888!